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Grey's Anatomy Signature Women's Slim Straight Leg Callie Scrub Pants-2207

Item# 2207
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Product Details

  • Junior fit
  • Low rise
  • Slim hip and thigh
  • Straight leg
  • Twill tape drawstring front
  • Elastic back
  • 3 pockets
  • Logo tag at back waist
  • Arclux technology with 4-way stretch
  • 71% polyester/ 24% rayon/ 5% spandex
  • Inseam length: 31.5"
  • Sizes: XS-3XL


If royals wore scrubs they'd be wearing the Grey's Signature 2207 scrub pants; I'm sure of it! Featuring a low rise, these pants sit low on your waist, providing the illusion of a longer torso. There's a snug junior fit to hug your feminine curves in all the right places, and the straight leg, which is narrow throughout, is singlehandedly responsible for avoiding the terrible fashion faux pas of baggy pants -shudder! It also lends you the impression of miles long legs and an overall taller height- a big help in rounding out your aristocratic look! A drawstring front and elastic back provide maximum comfort and ensure that your pants stay in place throughout your long and hectic shift. Oh, and I must mention the pockets; all 3 of them! It definitely wouldn't be becoming of a royal to hold her own stuff, so just stash all your medical and personal nick-knacks in one of the 3 pockets so that you're free to smile and wave at your subjects. Yes, I know this is all fiction; just let me run with it, please! The crowning glory of these Grey's Signature scrub pants though, is the fabric; the luxurious, rich, and incredibly soft material which by the way features a 4-way stretch, will make you wonder if you've indeed inherited the royal crown! You want these dreams too? Then make sure this pair of scrub pants ends up in your closet a-s-a-p!



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