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It’s sleek, it’s strong, and it’s the uniform of the future- Iguanamed Scrubs. With their Medflex II, Iguanamed was the first nursing uniform company to introduce stretch scrubs to the medical industry. Using a wrinkle release technology they have created the ultimate breathable, comfortable stretch medical uniform.
Iguanamed defines itself as a company ruled by fabric, fashion, fit, and function. Their nursing scrubs are the wave of the future with rich, vibrant colors, and powerful Igunana Flex fabric that brings that perfect bit of stretch to the standard medical scrub. The signature fabric takes almost 60 days to create, and that’s before the dyeing is done! Concept designs are inspired by the top sportswear designers in the world, with double and triple stitching for reinforcement.
Iguanamed is young, and always striving for better, holding focus groups with medical personnel to continually improve the fit of their garments. In their own words, “We strive for a bright, colorful, creative future.” When you’re wearing an Iguanamed nursing uniform, you are the future.
Your satisfaction if our priority- Let us know how we can help. Contact us today with any question or concerns regarding your scrubs uniform and we will be glad to assist!
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