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Women of the medical world are a force to be reckoned with! Especially when they're clad in professional lab coats replete with spacious pockets, or when they’re keeping warm in one of our top quality and super comfy solid or printed scrub jackets.


Lab Coats

Nothing says “competence” like professional attire does, and with our impeccably designed doctor coats, you’ll be the picture of competence. Crisp white women’s lab coats, adorned with chic details such as notched lapels, back belts, and slimming seams all lend credence to your flawless reputation of professional success.

Upgrade your appearance today with a crisp, fresh white lab coat, and show the world who’s in charge!

Stride with the fullest of confidence in the doctor lab coat that matches your style and flatters your figure simultaneously. Choose from our many different lengths of classic fitting coats and contemporary slim fit and plus size lab coat styles.

Of course, staying stylish and chic doesn’t have to mean compromising on practicality! We’ve got some awesome doctor jacket for all you female healthcare professionals that will not only have you looking sophisticated; they are really functional too, and will keep you looking, and being, super practical. They’ve got pockets (plenty of them), locker loops, and so many other functional and flattering details that make them practically perfect!

There are lab coats from quite a number of different scrub brands, including Wonderwink, Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee and other trusted nursing uniform brands. These coats are available in several colors and various sizes, so you can choose the one that will fit your figure, suit your taste or match your color code to the tee.

Are you looking for an embroidered lab coat? Then you’ve come to the right place! MSC offers embroidery, so you can get your name or logo sewn on to your lab coat just the way you’ve wanted!

Whether you’re looking for a flattering feminine style, or you just want a classic, practical piece, you can find a lab jacket or coat that will exceed your expectations.

Scrub Jackets

To keep you comfortable during all four seasons, whether you’re to be found indoors or out, we’ve got a variety of solid and printed scrub jackets for you to choose from. These jackets boast crushworthy features such as deliciously cozy knit cuffs that stay in place, zipper closures, pockets, and, of course, the most stylish designs any girl can dream of. Top off your scrubs ensemble with one of our nursing jackets, and you’ll be the classiest (not to mention warmest! Or shall we say hottest?) healthcare professional out there.

Perfect for layering, these medical jackets are available in so many different stylish shades and prints. Here’s what you’ll find in our layering collection!

  • The Short Sleeve Scrub Jacket: Wear this over an underscrub tee for an awesomely cool scrub outfit! It looks chic and cute, and is so refreshingly unique.
  • The Scrub Vest: This is the perfect layering piece to layer up with when the hospital’s a bit nippy, but not yet cold enough to wear a scrub jacket.
  • The Zip Up Scrub Jacket: Stay warm all through the winter in a zip up scrub jacket. No buttons to close; just z-i-i-i-p and you’re done! Save time, and save energy!
  • The Snap Front Scrub Jacket: Be enveloped in warmth and clad in style in a snap front scrub jacket. It’s classy and classic simultaneously; just the look many nurses have been searching for.
  • The Fleece Zip Up: Yup; it’s as awesome as it sounds! At Medical Scrubs Collection, your comfort is our priority, and therefore, we carry scrubs that are comfier than you may have ever dreamed possible, like a super soft, sweater-style scrub jacket.

Do you have a scrub jacket, and wear it religiously, but you still find the hospital to be uncomfortably cold at times? No worries, we’ve got something to help you out with that! Did you just say underscrubs? Well, you’re right! How’d you guess? Start wearing a snuggly pair of underscrubs under your scrub top, plus a scrub jacket on top of it, and you’ll feel cozier than you’ve ever felt before. Promise.

Children’s Lab Coats

Is your son dreaming of being a doctor someday? Does your daughter want to become a nurse? Our kids lab coats are the perfect uniform for them to wear as they start training with their friends, dolls, and toy animals. And aside from making a fun imaginative play activity, these adorable doctor costumes are also perfect for Halloween! They are available in many sizes, ranging from size 2 to size 14. They fit children well, are of great quality, and let kids look and feel like a real doctor! This is a great gift for any young child in your life. Actually, we’ve also got some adorable kids' scrubs as well for your aspiring medical professionals! Let your child look like the professional he’ll be one day, clad in full medical attire.

The world of lab coats and scrub jackets can be confusing with the many options, features and styles to choose from. Let one of our dedicated sales staff help you in selecting that perfect lab or warm up jacket to fit your needs and your taste. Contact us today at 888.56.SCRUBS, or look around our site. Either way, you’ll enjoy a smooth, quick and hassle-free scrub shopping experience!

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