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Barco Lab Coats, featuring the Prima by Barco and Mr. Barco lab coat collections, are crafted of the softest materials on the market, yet still maintain the functional aspect a diligent medical professional like you requires. Thought stiff lab coats were an unfortunate reality? Think again!

The standard white doctor coat, symbolic of the age old medical profession, has gotten a makeover in recent years thanks to Barco's introduction of the Barco lab coat collection. Fabrics which were once stiff and inflexible, are instead soft to the touch and incredibly supple. Fashion has become a factor as well. Each individual lab jacket, whether men's or women's, is made with the utmost attention to detail, incorporating the latest street styles, for a look that's chic and professional all in one. While a fashion forward lab coat is a pleasant bonus, functionality is key, which has prompted Barco to include practical features such as zip fronts, for easy on and off, hidden inner pockets for extra storage space, as well as tablet pockets, to accommodate the technology driven medical population. Imagine the ease of slipping your iPad or tablet in and out of your front pocket. Now that's innovation!

Lab coats by Barco is host to the Mr. Barco and Prima by Barco lab coats. As the sole lab coat brand catering exclusively to the males in the medical profession, you'll find that the clean lines and structured shape of a Mr. Barco doctor jacket fits the contours of the masculine frame like no other one will. If you're looking for bright whites, on the other hand, Prima Whites lab coats are for you. Prima Whites lab coats boast the high style and function you've come to expect from Barco, with the added bonus of optical white fabrics for a whiter than white appearance. Bottom line is, no one can outdo a Barco lab coat.

Check out our extensive line of lab coats which fuse fashion and function, to give you the ultimate doctor jacket. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly sales staff and they will be happy to help. more... close

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