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As pioneers of the original nursing uniform, Landau Scrubs claims to be 'made better.' With superior fabrics, unique designs, high quality workmanship, and affordable prices, we agree: Landau is 'made better.'

Landau is a third generation family business, heavily invested in bringing both men and women only the finest medical scrubs at an affordable price point.


With a mantra of 'better', Landau has taken apart the production of a single uniform to show just how they make their product a better one.
Better fabric? Check. For a roll of fabric to be considered for the production process, it must go through rigorous testing. Durability is key, along with shade consistency and color retention. In fact, once a fabric has been chosen, it goes through a dyeing and finishing process exclusive to Landau, so that the colors remain invariable from piece to piece and even from solids to prints.
Better design? Check. Landau was the first nursing scrubs manufacturer to introduce color, and even printed scrubs, to the world of medicine. Today, they are still on the cutting edge of fashion, with an in house team of designers who work tirelessly to bring you chic medical uniforms that flatter.
Better workmanship? Check. Each and every garment is constructed and then fit on real life medical professionals so that they get a feel for the true customer. This also helps ensure that whichever position you may be in over the course of your day, whether standing, walking, or sitting, you will enjoy maximum comfort. Plus, a bigger size does not mean more fabric. Each size is proportionately scaled for a shape that truly complements its wearer.


Landau offers four different cuts and fits in their scrub uniform line so that you can have choices:

Classic Fit- A traditional fit that is just as it sounds- classic. Fitting all body types with a comfortable looser fit, this is an all around winning uniform of choice.

Natural Fit- A slenderizing fit that offers a flattering shape. Nursing uniforms with a natural fit contour to the figure with a more fitted look and are slightly tailored, creating a polished and sophisticated image.

Modern Fit- This is a contemporary and hip cut that will accentuate your curves and highlight your figure. These Landau scrub pants sit just below the waist line creating a modern fitting uniform that will have you looking trendy and fashionable.

Men’s Fit- The male scrub fit offers a more relaxed and comfortable fit throughout the medical uniform, keeping the men of the medical world moving comfortably along, doing their amazing work.


All Day by Landau- With the Landau All Day scrub uniform you will get through your day comfortably and looking great. This surgical scrub is created with a stretch scrub fabric that is not only super flexible, but durable as well. We know that those who spend their day (or night) in scrubs have their challenging moments, and these scrubs well help you get through them all, comfortably.

Landau Pre-Washed Scrubs- These medical uniforms offer a classic look that is fresh, minus that stiff new uniform feel. The Pre-washed collection features scrubs that have that “broken in” feel, making them feel like a good old friend, even on the first day of wear.

Landau for Men- Designed especially for the male healthcare professional, these men’s scrubs offer unparalleled style and comfort. Each piece in Landau scrubs for men collection was carefully crafted to fit the male physique to the tee. The scrub tops come with an abundance of pockets and practical features, making these uniforms a must have for any guy in scrubs.

Landau Proflex- These are the modern and up to date nursing scrubs that will keep you looking stylish and comfortable at the same time. Each hospital scrub is crafted from a 2-way stretch scrub material which is fade and wrinkle resistant, allowing you to spend less time caring for your scrubs, so you can spend more time caring for others! Check out the modern styles and cuts in this contemporary line which includes yoga scrubs, maternity scrubs, as well as an a-line scrub skirt.

Scrubzone- Affordability and durability is what makes Scrubzone scrubs a favorite amongst healthcare professionals. With scrub pants, tops and jackets for women, as well as unisex scrubs, you can relax knowing that your surgical scrubs are going to withstand the wear and tear they endure on a daily basis. And don’t forget to check out the Energize Scrubzone shoes which are slip resistant, easy on and off and will inject some energy into your day!

Check out some of the most popular Landau scrubs and experience the amazing features for yourself:

Landau 8219
Landau 8555
Landau 7502
Landau 7602
Landau 8320

Shop these extensive collections of Landau uniforms- you won’t be disappointed!

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