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The Nursing Student's Uniform Guide

The college you attend is more than a place you go to learn; it’s where you develop an identity and a sense of pride. This is precisely why so many nursing schools have established uniform guidelines for their students. It's a constant reminder that you represent them and they in turn represent you.  

Shopping for nursing scrubs as a student can be difficult, as you try to conform to the dress codes set by your college and place of internship. We’re here to help.

Compiled below is a collection of some of the most prestigious nursing programs in the United States, along with their color and scrubs dress codes.  Do you attend a university that’s not on our list? Let us know and we’ll add your college’s colors to our guide.  


1)      John Hopkins University School of Nursing

Students may wear a variation of the following depending on the specific course:

  1.    Navy blue uniform pants
  2.    Navy blue uniform skirt
  3.    Navy blue scrub top
  4.    White scrub top
  5.    Back, navy or white shoes (non-permeable)
  6.    Long white lab coat with School of Nursing emblem on left sleeve and school name embroidered on left breast

All scrub tops and lab coats must have the JHSON patch sewn on the upper left sleeve.

Students may wear a navy blue fleece to and from clinicals as long as the school name is embroidered on the left breast.


2)      University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing                                             
  1.    Navy blue scrub top embroidered with Penn Nursing seal
  2.    Navy blue scrub pants or skirt
  3.    Lab coat with Penn Nursing patch
  4.    Navy scrub jacket with the embroidered Penn Nursing seal
  5.    Clean, non-porous shoes in colors that match the uniform- e.g. black, white, navy. (Open back clogs not allowed. Clogs with back strap or closed back allowed.)


3)   NYU College of Nursing
  1.    Purple scrub top embroidered with NYU College of Nursing
  2.    Purple scrub pants, or white or purple scrub skirt
  3.    White, closed toe, closed, back, non porous, leather-like shoes
  4.    White socks or nude stockings


4) University of California- San Francisco School of Nursing
  1.    Scrub top with UCSF patch sewn on left shoulder. The color must be consistent with the medical center dress code
  2.    White pants or skirt
  3.    White shoes


5) University of Washington School of Nursing
  1.    Deep purple scrub top with UW emblem glued/sewed on the upper left sleeve, just below the shoulder
  2.    Deep purple scrub pants
  3.    White, short professional jacket with UW emblem glued/sewed on the upper left sleeve, just below the shoulder
  4.    Watch with second hand
  5.    Low, rubber heeled, closed toe shoes that are easily cleaned and reserved for clinicals only


6) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) School of Nursing
  1.    Navy blue scrub top with Nursing Patch sewn onto the left sleeve 
  2.    Navy blue scrub pants
  3.    White lab coat with Nursing Patch sewn onto the left sleeve 
  4.    Optional professional appearing washable sweaters with Nursing Patch sewn onto the left sleeve 
  5.    Optional professional appearing turtleneck or crewneck underscrub
  6.    White, black, or brown soft soled shoes with closed front and back. (All white, brown, or black athletic shoes without mesh allowed.)
  7.    Socks or hose required


7) University of Maryland- Baltimore School of Nursing
  1.    White scrub top with school patch on right chest and name badge on left
  2.    Tanbeige or khaki scrub pants. (Female students prohibited from wearing pants for religious reasons may wear khaki skirts.)
  3.    Socks or hosiery a must
  4.    Shoes with laces. Solid leather or composition shoes preferred.


8) Duke School of Nursing
  1.    Navy blue scrub top
  2.    Navy blue scrub pants or skirt
  3.    White polo-style shirt
  4.    Optional long sleeve, navy blue scrub jacket


9) University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill School of Nursing
  1.        Pewter grey scrub pants
  2.       Pewter grey scrub top with UNC  SON logo
  3.        Ceil blue scrub jacket with UNC SON logo OR white long lab coat with UNC SON logo
  4.       Optional white polo shirt with UNC SON logo
  5.       White or black leather or comparable material professional shoes. (No open back/toe clogs.)
  6.         White or black socks


10) University of Illinois- Chicago College of Nursing
  1.    V-neck scrub top with CON emblem; choice of one pocket or two 
  2. white short sleeve underscrub tee that doesn't extend beyond the sleeves of the scrub top.
  3.    Scrub pants with drawstring or elastic waist
  4.    White lab coat with CON emblem on left sleeve


11) Indiana University School of Nursing

a. 'True red' hospital scrubs with the IUSON logo embroidered on the right sleeve

b. Optional white short or long sleeve shirt under scrub top

c. White scrub dress optional for women

d. White socks (or white hose if wearing a dress)

e. Low heeled white shoes of oxford or slip-on style. No open-toe or open     back allowed.


12) University of Iowa College of Nursing

a. Black scrubs embroidered with the University of Iowa College of Nursing logo

b. A black, white, or gold t-shirt or long sleeved turtleneck may be worn under scrub top. No commercialized symbols or screen printing allowed.

c. White lab coat

d. Solid black or white leather shoes with minimal logo/decoration. Closed toe clogs permitted.


13) Emory University School of Nursing

1.   Navy blue scrub pants

2.   Navy blue tunic scrub top with the Emory University School of Nursing emblem embroidered on the upper left chest area

3.   Optional blue or white cuffed long sleeve jacket- may have the NHWSON emblem embroidered on upper left chest

4.   White, professional, mid-thigh length lab coat

5.   All white or black leather or vinyl nursing shoes, with flat rubber or other quiet soles

6.   White socks that cover ankle must be worn with shoes






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