Littmann Select Stethoscope-L2290

Item# L2290
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  • Single sided chestpiece
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Coated alloy chestpiece

Sassy Sue Says

Sassy Sue Says

Use your Littmann Select Stethoscope to add a major dose of personality to your somewhat generic medical uniform. The Littmann stethoscope comes in a rainbow of colors and even a print or two, for those extra bold folks. The dual lumen coating isn't just used to add looks but also enhances performance by upgrading the flexibility of the overall piece. The tubing also helps clear out distracting ambient sounds. Attached with a single-sided chest piece, which is made for fine maneuvering and an easy grip. The tunable diaphragm picks up both high and low frequencies, depending on pressure while the soft sealing ear tips finish off the design with excellent acoustics and a comfortable fit.  



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