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Medical professionals and students alike have come to recognize Littmann as the most trusted stethoscope brand in the healthcare industry. Superior quality, outstanding performance and sleek designs have always been part and parcel of each model, allowing you to carry out your duties with proficiency and confidence.
The Littmann brand boasts a rich heritage and is named for the distinguished cardiologist, Dr. David Littman. By vastly improving the stethoscope's acoustics, he managed to completely revolutionize this essential medical tool, thereby earning the Littmann brand a reputation for being the gold standard in scopes. Healthcare professionals will no doubt revel in Littmann's many features, including its durable and practical design; non-chill components to ensure the patients’ utmost comfort; tunable diaphragm technology for ultimate accuracy; anatomically correct headsets for the professional’s comfort; and resilient tubing that ensures better acoustics. The accolades showered upon Littmann scopes are for good reason. With state-of-the-art Ambient Noise Reduction and Bluetooth technology, Littmann promises the ultimate in professionalism. With a Littmann stethoscope you can take pride in your noble work. You can even personalize many models with your choice of tubing and chest piece colors. In the diagnostic healthcare field, precision counts, and Littmann promises to deliver precise, accurate results.
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