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Maternity Scrub Guide

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Congratulations! Good things are coming, and as the days go on the little one inside you is making its presence known more and more. It’s an amazingly exciting time, but things can start to get a bit uncomfortable. The waistband of your favorite uniform pants start digging in, and your ever expanding belly is making that scrub top just a bit too tight for your liking. It’s time to go maternity scrub shopping!

Join us on a quick crash course on how to choose the perfect maternity nursing uniform that will last you your whole pregnancy, and keep you feeling your best, while you do your best to help others feel their best!

When to Shop for Maternity Scrubs

Although your pregnancy test read positive it may not be time to start maternity scrub shopping just yet. The first couple of months your regular uniform should fit you fine, and it may even get a bit loose if morning sickness doesn’t let you keep anything down.
Once those scrub pants start getting a bit snug it’s time to hit the stores and start maternity scrub shopping!

Maternity Scrubs Shopping Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for maternity scrubs:

1. Ask your co-workers who have worn maternity scrubs for their favorite brand. It’s always a good idea to speak to those with experience.
2. If you know someone who has a pair of maternity scrubs for you to try, then try ‘em before you buy 'em.
3. Choose the maternity scrubs in your regular size. No need to go up a size.
4. Buying a whole new scrub wardrobe to be worn for just a few months can definitely be expensive. To keep costs down some recommend buying comfortable maternity scrub pants, skipping the maternity scrub top and just wearing tees with a scrub jacket over it. Just be sure to check if your dress code policy allows this.

Maternity Scrub vs. Bigger Scrubs

Why not just size up on my regular favorite scrubs, you ask?

Here are some reasons why you should buy maternity scrubs & not just get a larger size than your regular scrubs:


  • Maternity scrubs are made for pregnant women so they’ll be a lot more comfortable & flattering than your regular scrubs
  • Regular scrubs won’t fit properly. They will fit in some areas, but will leave you swimming in others.
  • Maternity scrub pants come with a super comfortable soft panel at the waist that will grow with you without that uncomfortable cutting or digging-in feeling that regular pants would cause.

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Although this is a most joyous time, comfort is not going to be one of the sources of joy here! As the months go by; and baby grows, being on your feet and up and about can get a bit difficult. Luckily, one area where you can still control your comfort, is in your clothing. Purchasing maternity scrubs will ensure that you will be the most comfortable you can be as your body changes. Soft panel waisted maternity scrub pants, and scrub tops with knit stretch side panels, adjustable ties, and a longer front for proper coverage will make it so much easier to get around throughout your pregnancy.


With maternity scrubs you can get uniforms that don’t only feel great, but flatter your new curves as well! Gone are the days when being pregnant meant looking like a walking tent. Today, being pregnant means you can look as fashionable as ever, and show off your baby bump in style! With many top uniform brands such as Grey’s Anatomy, Med Couture, Cherokee Workwear and more now offering maternity scrubs you’ve got many choices to find a uniform that will keep you looking chic and trendy.

So go ahead, and treat yourself to a comfy pair of maternity scrubs that will last you a full nine months- you deserve it!

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