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Welcome to THE maternity scrub top headquarters; where you can shop the best in maternity scrubs!
Our vast selection of pregnancy scrub tops offer comfort, practicality and amazing style, so that you can look great, while feeling awesome. We know this stage is an exciting one, but it can become uncomfortable as your baby bump grows. That’s why we’ve gathered the best in maternity scrubs; so you can look your best, while feeling great - as you perform your heroic work, helping others!



Every pregnant woman knows that comfort is a number one priority. And for the expectant nurse this becomes all that more important. When you’re spending hours on your feet doing physical work, the last thing you want is your nursing uniform digging into you, making you feel restricted and uncomfortable. Our maternity scrub shirts from leading scrub brands are designed to contour to the ever changing body of the pregnant woman, offering extreme comfort and flexibility. And with adjustable drawstrings featured on most of our scrub tops, you can choose the perfect fit, and adjust it as the days go by.
All of these scrub tops are made of soft, lightweight fabrics that allow for added breathability; something any pregnant healthcare professional is sure to appreciate as their inner temp rises! 


Looking good is important, but looking good when there’s a baby on the way is all the more important. Show off your baby bump with fashionable maternity scrub tops! Gone are the days of tent-like maternity clothing; welcome to a new world of maternity scrub fashion!
No matter if you go for a more sophisticated style, or you are looking for a cute maternity scrub top, there is something for you. And whether you have a color code to follow or you are lucky enough to choose your favorite scrub color, you will have no problem finding the perfect pregnancy scrub top. There are popular black maternity scrub tops, as well as white ones, along with almost all the colors of the rainbow!


The good news is that your favorite scrub brand probably has a maternity scrub set in their collection. So, no need for more change in your life right now; dress in your fave scrubs just altered a bit to fit you all that much better. Check out the all popular Cherokee maternity scrubs, as well as Grey’s Anatomy and Landau maternity scrub tops, as well as options from other leading medical uniform manufacturers.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you like saving money, then you’ve come to the right scrub store! At Medical Scrubs Collection we offer you the best nursing uniforms, at the lowest prices. Go ahead, browse our collection and enjoy new maternity nursing scrubs. And while you're here don't forget to check out our huge selection of maternity scrub pants, so that you can create the perfect maternity scrub set.

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