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Med Couture Scrubs


Designed for those who want to look fabulous and feel great, Med Couture scrubs are guaranteed to do just that. Based on the premise that scrubs don’t have to be boring, Med Couture is the proof that nursing uniforms can be trendy, stylish and exciting.

The Med Couture uniform brand is the brainchild of CEO Barry Rothschild, who had a vision to change how those in healthcare view the nursing scrub. Having been in the nursing uniform industry for many years, Barry remembers when scrubs were all white, with no color options, and very limited styles to choose from. Indeed, by introducing Med Couture scrubs, he transformed how we view medical uniforms. Originally known as Peaches scrubs, the company name was officially changed to Med Couture back in 2015. Reflecting the meaning of their name, Med Couture creates fashion forward uniforms with the needs and requirement of nurses and doctors in mind. Knowing that they are constantly on the run, and have to bend, reach, and be on the go, all of their uniforms are made with a super comfortable stretch fabric blend. Loaded with practical details and features, their scrub tops, scrub pants, jackets and dresses are made for you! Med Couture is committed to providing the healthcare community with the highest quality in scrub apparel and they deliver uniforms with superior workmanship to help you look and feel your best.

Always on the lookout for the newest styles, they have a full line of popular yoga inspired pieces, as well as trendy jogger scrubs styles. Their collection features a full line of women’s scrubs including scrub dress, and maternity uniforms. And they haven’t forgotten about the guys in the medical world; Med Couture also carries a big selection of scrubs for men, including tops, pants, jackets, and lab coats.

Med Couture offers a variety of collections to satisfy the needs of all those in medical scrubs. Below is a list of the lines in the growing Med Couture Scrub family:

Med Couture Scrubs 4-Ever Flex-
Designed specifically for women, this collection features super flexible feminine scrub tops and yoga pants that were made for those who not only care about feeling comfortable, but want to look amazing as well!

Med Couture Scrubs Activate-
The Med Couture Activate collection, which includes a full selection of men and women’s scrubs, incorporates fashion, function and fit to create a uniform that not only feels good, but looks great as well.

Med Couture Air-
Featuring an incredible 4 way air touch stretch fabric and fast drying and cooling component, these scrubs for women will make you feel as light as air. With a large selection of beautiful colors to choose from, there is sure to be something for you!

Created for those who appreciate a high quality, yet flattering uniforms, the scrub tops and bottoms the MC2 collection has got you covered. With a selection of both men, as well as ladies nursing uniforms in a large choice of colors and sizes, these are sure to become your everyday favorites. 

Med Couture Energy-
Invigorate your scrub wardrobe with these exciting pieces belonging to the Energy collection. A twist on your favorite classics, the Energy line includes scrub tops and scrub pants with contrasting colors, modern sporty details, and is comprised of the most comfortable and flexible Performance Energy stretch material.

Med Couture Boutique-
Boasting an effortlessly chic lab coat collection, these are the ultimate in polished, professional looking white doctor’s coats for both women and men. The Boutique Med Couture scrubs lab coat features a flawless fit, clean lines, generous pockets, and anti-wrinkle and stain resistant scrub fabric technology.
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