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Men’s Nursing Scrub Bottoms

At MSC, we clothe you from top to scrub bottom! Our men's scrub pants, available in both regular and tall, are available in a selection of classic colors, masculine styles, and boast a host of useful features.

As a healthcare professional, you know all about the importance of dependability and first-rate service, which is why you’re bound to appreciate the male medical scrub pants in our collection. Designed to enable you to function at your absolute best, our scrub uniform pants are made of durable, long lasting materials, such as ripstop, Spandex, & cotton. This allows you to accomplish your utmost, and get things done most efficiently.

Time is precious when you’re a medical professional saving lives - every second counts! That’s why many experienced men in the medical world choose flexible nursing uniforms with a slight give, that allow them to move around easily, and fast.

Aside from flexibility, which is so important, when you’re going to be spending so much time in your scrubs, there are lots of other characteristics that you should be looking out for. Your doctor scrubs (or male nurse uniform) should stand behind you, and support you fully as you go about your day. Here’s what they need to come along with so that they can do their job nearly as well as you do yours!

Functionality First

Practical details are seriously crucial to look out for when searching for male scrub pants! With a slew of bonuses including adjustable waistbands that frame your masculine figure just so, and instrument loops to keep your items perfectly ordered, these scrub pants are a must for every success-driven male professional.

There are also men’s cargo scrub pants, as well as other scrub pants with pockets. These are totally awesome for medical professionals who doubtlessly have their hands full; they give you the much-needed storage space for storing all your medical tools, your phone, or anything else inside of!

Masculine Fit

Experienced healthcare professionals know the importance of dressing the part. Looking respectable and dignified causes patients and their families to trust your diagnosis more, and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. And that’s precisely why it’s so necessary to choose the best fitting men’s scrubs you can find!

Bulky unisex scrubs won’t do much to enhance your professional image; you need sharp, smart looking nursing scrubs that were designed for guys who are in healthcare today. And that’s just what’s available at Medical Scrubs Collection! Here are a few of our favorite fits and styles for you to choose from.

Skinny Scrub Pants:

Skinny scrub pants are perfect for men who like stylish scrubs that will let them look their best. Men’s slim fit scrub pants are contemporary and modern; the perfect choice for the millennial medical professional.

Men’s Athletic Scrub Pants:

These male scrub pants are sporty and slightly casual. They have a contemporary fit, and are almost as slenderizing as slim fit scrubs are. They are also comprised of a stretch fabric, which makes them extremely comfortable and flexible to wear.

Plus Size Pants:

Big men’s scrubs are quite popular nowadays, and can be very professional looking. They’re perfect for the men with strong, large muscles. Men’s plus size scrubs allow those who aren’t just skin and bones to look their best.

Men’s Scrub Joggers:

Men’s jogger scrubs have a comfortable feel and a distinctive fit: They are cuffed scrub pants which are wider at the upper legs, and become narrower at the bottom of each leg. Jogger scrub pants are extremely popular and quite contemporary.

Tall Men’s Scrub Pants:

On the tall side? Try our men’s tall scrub pants! We’ve got scrub bottoms with the same great fit and features as our regular men’s nursing pants, albeit with a longer inseam to accommodate those extra inches. Remember, behind every successful professional is a pair of excellent, well-fitting, and oftentimes tall scrub pants.

Men’s Tapered Scrub Pants:
Men’s tapered pants are extremely well-fitting and classy, and get narrower at the bottom of each leg for a sleek, professional look. They are considered by many to be a type of slim fit men’s scrub pants.


Best Scrub Brands

Have you ever wondered why certain guys are always wearing men’s nursing scrubs from a specific brand? And did you notice that those same people are often wearing scrubs from the same few brands? I have to say, I used to think it was nonsense. I mean, seriously; who cares which brand your medical scrubs are? Just get whichever pair is the cheapest, and done!

I admit it; I was wrong. Now, I think finding top quality medical apparel that lasts (and that is still well-priced) is even better than finding cheap men’s scrubs. And I’ve noticed that many professionals have the same reasoning as me!

Once I started looking for the best, I realized there are a few brands that are definitely top of line when it comes to function, fit and comfort. And that’s why those professionals will only wear those brands!

I still make sure to get the best price on my scrubs: I only shop for scrubs at the cheapest place to buy scrubs online, namely, Medical Scrubs Collection. There, I get the best price on all my favorite Grey's Anatomy, Carhartt, Barco One, and Dickies men’s scrub pants.

These scrub companies all offer distinct features, fabric and fit that totally meet the needs of medical professionals.

For example, the men’s Carhartt scrub pants have a tough and distinctive feel that no other scrub brands can offer, and the Grey’s Anatomy scrub pants are the best quality around.

So, yes, there is a reason why people will only wear male scrubs from a specific brand; often, those are the best scrubs they find!

Which medical uniform brands will assist you in paving your path to success?

Choosing Colors

Navy blue, ceil, and black scrubs for men are our most popular choices, but we’ve got lots more colors than just those three - there are men’s white scrub pants, teal scrubs, Caribbean blue, royal, and many more hues to choose from.

Did you know that the color scrubs you choose to wear can have an impact on your and your patients’ behavior throughout the day? Yup; that’s what color power is all about. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to have the option of choosing what shade of scrubs to get, do yourself a favor and find out which to choose.

If the facility you work at has a color code, stick to it. But if it doesn’t, have fun choosing!

Men’s Scrub Pants at MSC

Our men’s scrub pants are available in loads of sizes, fits, and fabrics, and most boast a host of functional features for you to enjoy. We’ve got it all; from men’s scrub pants with zipper, to tapered scrub pants, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for stylish men’s scrub pants or the most comfortable nurse pants around, if you need a pair of durable men’s scrub bottoms that will enable you to work hard and do your job well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding finding the right hospital scrubs, just give us a ring at 888-567-2782, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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