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Let the medical world know you’ve finally arrived by manning up in our masculine scrubs for men including high quality male scrub tops, well-fitting nurse pants, and professional looking lab coats. When it comes to the perfect medical uniform, the formula is simple: comfort, convenience, quality, and most importantly, male-specific styles.


Every man deserves a pair of comfortable scrubs, whether he’s a nurse, dental hygienist, doctor, EMT, or he is involved in any other position in the workforce that requires a scrub uniform. Medical apparel that feels great allows you to put your full focus on caring for your patients, without the annoying distraction of uncomfortable medical scrubs.

That’s why it’s so important for guys to make sure their scrubs are comfortable; it’s important for you, and important for your patients too!

Nowadays, there are many options of comfortable male nurse uniforms. Since comfort is relative, and every man is entitled to his own opinion, and scrubs that he feels are comfortable, we carry a large selection of scrubs. This way, you can choose the one that’s created from the fabric you feel is most comfortable. Be it a tough Carhartt Ripstop fabric, soft WonderWink scrubs, or any feel in between, if there’s a scrub fabric you find comfortable, find it on MSC. If you don’t see it, no worries; just chat with us and we’ll gladly assist you in finding the scrubs uniform of your dreams.

Many hospital scrubs are crafted from top quality stretch material, which allows for optimal freedom of movement, so that you can accomplish without feeling restricted and uncomfortable by rigid scrubs.


Men’s nursing uniforms at Medical Scrubs Collection offer the ultimate in convenience, with plenty of pockets, and many other functional features. Choose from doctor scrubs that have a locker loop for easy hanging, fly front men’s pants, and so many other practical and convenient details that will make your day easier. Men in healthcare are often really busy, and by finding scrubs that offer optimal convenience, they can add just a bit more time into their day.


Browse through our selection of men’s surgical scrubs, and you’ll find that all our scrubs fit the bill. Whether it’s the uniform top complete with handy instrument loops; the medical scrub pants with an adjustable drawstring waist and more pockets than you can count; or the sparkling white lab coat with pressed lapels, the quality-hound in you will certainly be satisfied. Additionally, our nursing scrubs are made by leading workwear apparel companies such as Dickies, LandauBarco and Cherokee, all of whom guarantee excellent workmanship and promise to stand behind their products.

Male-Specific Styles

Each uniform discreetly complements the male physique, and is designed to provide a comfortable fit. These scrubs are made for men. The cuts were tailored to fit a guy’s figure, and the details have been decided with the male wearer in mind. And aside from well-fitting men’s scrubs in contemporary and classic styles, there are also unisex scrubs, for guys who like a looser fit.

If you’re a guy who needs scrubs, there’s something for you in this selection.

Check out the full selection of medical scrubs available today; I won’t be surprised if you’re totally shocked at the number of options to choose from! There are countless scrub tops, pants, medical jackets, lab coats, and more.

Choosing scrubs was never as exciting as it is today at Medical Scrubs Collection, when you have innumerable options in front of you, and you know you’re getting the very best possible price! (Yup; shopping at MSC is an easy way for smart people to save some money without compromising on anything!)

And, if you’re interested, you can even add embroidery for that finishing touch! Give your medical career a boost, and show up to work in a smart, fashion forward ensemble. You can thank us later.

Our team of dedicated sales representatives are waiting to assist you in all your nursing uniform needs. Reach out to us today via live chat or by calling us at 888.56.SCRUBS and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect scrubs to suit your taste and your needs, all at a great low price!

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