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Price Match Guarantee

Let's Play A Matching Game
Welcome to the Medical Scrubs Collection Matching Game, where you'll match great products with the lowest prices on the web, for the most exciting deals in medical uniform history. Game on!


Find a lower price on the identical item(s) you wish to purchase, and you'll be eligible for a price match.

What constitutes an identical item?

An item in the same style, size, and color as the one you're interested in ordering is considered an identical item. 

Set Up

There are two teams. The customer and MSC comprise Team A, while all the authorized retailers comprise Team B.

Who qualifies as an authorized retailer?

Any U.S. based retailer authorized by the vendor to sell products which are new and factory sealed. So no; eBay and Amazon do not make the cut.

The Play

Before you place an order feel free to search the web for a better price on the item(s) you've chosen to purchase. Keep in mind:

  1. The lower price must be brought to our attention before you place the order.
  2. If the item is on clearance on another site, we cannot go ahead with the price match.
  3. Personalization prices are not included in the price match guarantee.
  4. Tax, shipping, handling and gift cards are not included in the price match guarantee.


Coupons are cool! If an authorized retailer's lower price comes to be as a result of current coupons applied, we will still honor the price match guarantee.

You Win!

Once you've found a matching item at a lower price, and it meets all the necessary criteria, give us a call at 732.719.8600 and we will be more than happy to take over. For verification purposes, have the item number and website URL handy when you call. Once your item has passed our verification process we will go ahead and place the order as if it were a regular order, and then credit the difference created by the price match, to your credit card.

Ready, Set, Shop!

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