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Sassy Sue's Scrub Fit Guide

Scrubs for Every Body Type

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Drum roll please… Here it is! The ultimate guide for choosing the scrubs that best suit your individual body shape. It doesn't matter what's in style, (um okay, maybe a little!) or what 'everyone else' is wearing (who is 'everyone else' anyway?); you have to dress to impress, which translates into clothing your unique body type in the medical scrubs that will have you looking, and even better yet, feeling, your absolute best!

The V:

So you have a V-shaped body; big whoop! All that means is that you're bigger at the shoulders and bust, and narrower at the hips. I know you may feel absolutely and totally disproportionate, but there is a way to streamline your look to give you a more even appearance. Yaaay! First off, I beg you from the bottom of my fashion loving heart, do NOT wear anything with padded shoulders or over the top patterns. You want to go with a sleek and simple look. In the scrubs department, I would suggest a mock wrap or empire-waist in solid colors. The solid color won't draw any unnecessary attention, and the empire waist will give you a teeny waist and then flare out at the bottom in a way that will balance out your upper body. In the pants department, opt for a boot cut or straight legged pant. Remember, we're going for balance here. Now work it, girl!

The Apple:

An apple a day...keeps the apple shape away! Or so we all wish. Are you carrying excess weight around your abdomen? Average to large bust size? No waist whatsoever? Okay, okay, I'm sorry for rubbing it in. There is a great solution, though; I promise. Avoid shapeless scrub tops that fail to give you the definition your body so desperately needs, as well as bulky scrub bottoms. I'm talking those pants with so many pockets, zippers, and buttons, you're literally a walking storage closet.

So what should you wear? Option number one; scrub tops with soft, stretchy, dark-colored panels. Think Cherokee Flexibles. Oh, the power of panels; it literally makes you look ten times thinner. Best of all, you can wear the top in almost any color, because the dark, contrasting panels will do all the slimming work! Another fabulous option is a scrub top with ruching at the waist. Shhhh, let's not tell anyone about that tummy underneath or the fact that there really is no waist. It'll be our little secret! Can't forget about 'em scrub bottoms, can we? You'll want to go with a straight leg or flared leg. It'll keep things neat and balanced.

The Pear:

Women with pear shaped frames carry excess weight at their hips and thighs. Once again, you want to achieve balance between the upper part of your body and the lower part. You'll do this by wearing solid-colored, fitted scrub pants. Yes, I said fitted! The goal is to look as slim as possible on bottom, and while your instinct may be to hide your body under baggy and billowy pieces, know that you won't be doing yourself any favors. No siree! In fact, all the extra material will just solidify that 'big' impression you were trying oh so hard to avoid.

To further distract people from your pear shape, opt for a patterned scrub top- and I mean patterned! In fact, you want your top to be busy enough to get all your colleagues talking. And you know what- let them. The upper half of your body is your 'good feature' so why not flaunt it. Hint: Maybe sew into your top a shoulder pad or two in order to create a seamless and totally balanced look.

The Banana (Slender):

Don't be fooled by the word slender. Yes, every woman's wish is to be thin but it's not all sunshine and roses. Ok fine, maybe it is- sort of. But those slender girls have their issues as well. Talk about having no dimension! Women want to have some sort of shape. The fix? Well we're talking to nurses here, so how about a fitted scrub tee that shows off that svelte figure, with a nice knitted jacket to go over it in order to give your body the added dimension it needs to be truly fab! As an aside, feel totally free to wear those skinny scrub pants every nurse dreams of wearing and looking good in. You know what; why don't you just wear anything that pleases you. Chances are you'll look A-1 in whatever you choose to showcase your amazing figure!

The Hourglass:

Hear ye, hear ye, I've got some great news! You're proportionate! There's another thing- you're curvy. While that's a highly sought after feature, it's also difficult to maintain. Remember, the goal is to put your unique body type in the best possible light. So don't hide your hourglass figure in shapeless clothes, because then you'll look, well- shapeless. Instead, try and accentuate your waist by wearing an empire waist scrub top. Like this we get to see your curves (and admire them!) as well as your teeny tiny waist in comparison. As for those scrub bottoms? This is an easy one. Everything will look good on you. Literally! Skinny, boot cut, flared leg, straight etc. As long as the top is right, the bottom will definitely work.

There you have it, folks: the complete guide for dressing in the right scrubs for you! Now start shopping.

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