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Questions about nursing uniforms? Wondering about scrubs?

Well, you can worry no longer, because Medical Scrubs Collection can provide you with the answers to all your questions! Whether it’s about which scrub to choose, or how to care for the scrubs you already have, our panel of experienced, knowledgeable nursing and uniform experts can give you all the information you need.

Have a question? Ask the experts today!

Student nurses, this one’s for you! First of all, congrats on getting into college; that’s awesome! Now that you’re accepted, it’s the perfect time to find out your college’s nursing uniform dress code policy so that you can look just right.

Find out the power your colored scrubs possess! And, if you’re not bound by color code, you can go ahead and and choose a positive color power that’ll make everyone happy.

Sassy Sue makes shopping easy for you! She’ll provide you with those important little tips about sizing, choosing the right fabric, the pockets, and everything else you need to know. This one’s the perfect guide for finding an awesome nursing uniform!

Drum roll please… Here it is! The ultimate guide for choosing the scrubs that best suit your individual body shape. Clothe your unique body type in the medical scrubs that will have you looking, and even better yet, feeling, your absolute best!

Medical Scrubs Collection is giving you a sneak peek at the science behind the scrubs, so that you can choose the scrub fabric that will work best for you. Come along as we tour the process of choosing the right fabric!

Follow my guide, and learn your size! I’ll take you through the tall and short of it - choosing the right size scrubs is now a cinch.

Learn how to properly wash and care for your medical scrubs. From the initial pre-wash to treating tough stains, this guide will give you tips and tricks to keep your nursing uniform in tip top shape.

Remember those days of white scrub dresses and spiffy nursing caps? Well, those times are long gone; nowadays, the accepted nursing uniform is scrubs, and for good reason. Here’s why.

Join us on a quick crash course on how to choose the perfect maternity nursing uniform that will last you your whole pregnancy, and keep you feeling your best, while you do your best to help others feel their best!

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