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They may be called Sloggers, but these high quality, American made shoes ensure that the nurse who wears them gets through her shift with the energy and support she needs.
What could possibly set one brand of medical footwear apart from another? Simple; the quality. Sloggers are made in the good ole' USA and their promise to you is that they always will be. The upper boasts a high quality, medical grade material that is soft and exceptionally flexible. Plus, the outsole is incredibly durable and offers the support and stability of a true work grade boot. While it may seem that these clogs ought to be clunky and heavy, they are in fact as lightweight as they come. They also feature a premium molded insole, the likes of which you will not find in many boots and shoes costing double the amount. And of course, style is everything. Sloggers are available in a host of classic solids and fun prints sure to complement all your scrubs.
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