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Subtle, yet sophisticated solid color scrub tops, mandated by many medical institutions, are available here at Medical Scrubs Collection for women of the medical world, in a large range of styles, colors, and fits.


With many hospitals and medical institutions taking an approach towards color coded nursing uniforms, it's no wonder that solid scrubs have been doing so well. The philosophy behind a classic, solid medical scrub top? Ease of recognition. When members of a particular care team are color coordinated, it makes life simpler for the patients and their families who have to deal with the comings and goings of so many different medical personnel.

While the solid color of your uniform may give you an identity, it also evokes a certain mood. Believe it or not, there's a certain psychology behind colors that cannot be ignored. Do your rounds in a navy blue scrub top and your patients will feel a certain calm and trusting. Opt for a light pink scrub top and you'll be radiating love, nurture, and warmth.

If you wear a white scrub top, your patients will feel those clean, pure vibes, and if you dress in black scrubs you’d make an authoritative, efficient impression.

Whether you've been instructed to wear a specific solid color, or whether you like the simplicity of a solid top, know that what you wear does affect your patients.

Perhaps once, in days long past, choosing a solid scrub top to wear was a bleak and boring task: Just find a cheap women’s scrub top, and you’re done. Nowadays, though, life’s changed, and even a solid nursing scrub top can have personality (and still be well-priced)! There are so many unique scrub tops available for women today, all with distinct detailing and well-designed fits. 

Plus Size Scrub Tops

Plus size scrub tops are not hard to find at MSC; we’ve got plenty of scrubs for everyone, no matter the person’s height or weight. There are plus size solid scrub shirts from WonderWink Plus, Grey’s Anatomy, and many other popular scrub brands.

And when you’ll check out our plus size scrub selection, you’ll surely be pleased to discover that plus size scrubs can be pretty!

Maternity Scrub Tops

Any expectant mom who is spending her days caring for patients deserves only the best maternity scrubs available, and the easiest scrub shopping experience. Therefore, we’ve carefully created a curated collection of maternity scrub tops and pregnancy scrub pants just for you moms-to-be. Our pregnancy scrubs, both tops and bottoms, offer you special features like adjustable options, super comfy fits, and silky knit waist panels. These will all help you stay as comfortable and stylish as you can!

Solid Colored Scrub Top Styles

There are many different styles of solid scrub tops. They range from trendy to classy, and from simple to stylish. No matter your taste in scrub tops; whether you want a modern and fun scrub top or a more classic piece, you can surely find at least one, and perhaps many more, that suit you perfectly and will have you looking and feeling fabulous.

There are so many fashionable details to choose from! Here are just a few more of our popular styles.

  • V-Neck: Well, this one’s the basic, tried and true v-neck we all know. You’ll never go wrong with it!
  • Mock Wrap: The mock wrap scrub top is a little more stylish than the v-neck, yet is still quite professional looking. It usually has a flattering fit and slims and contours the figure.
  • Notched Neck: A ladies scrub top with a notched neck is cool and sharp.
  • Curved Neck: A cute scrub top with a curvey neckline is often feminine & chic.
  • Empire Waist Scrub Top: This scrub top style is extremely slimming, and will let you look fabulously thin and chic. If you look good in belts, you’ll look great in this style!
  • Short Sleeve Scrub Jacket: This is basically a button down, zip up or snap front scrub top. If you’re looking for a really unique scrub top, this style’s a great choice. 
  • Collared Scrub Tops: These scrub tops offer all the features of the basic scrub top, plus a dignified collar. They’re perfect for medical professionals who like looking prim and classy.
  • Long Scrub Tops: Tall girls love these tunic scrub tops; they offer just the right amount of coverage for anyone who finds basic nurse scrub tops to be a tad too short. 

Most Popular Scrub Top Brands

Choose from the popular Cherokee scrub tops, or take your choice of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, Barco One Wellness, Elle Fashion Medical Apparel, or any other acclaimed nursing scrub brand, and you’ll surely look fabulous.

As simple as it sounds, choosing a solid scrub top can be confusing with the many options, brands and styles out there. Be sure to give us a ring at 888.56.SCRUBS and let us help you in finding that perfect nursing uniform top to suit you!

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