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Scrubs for Teachers Models Wearing Nursing Scrubs

Welcome to the teacher scrubs headquarters! This is the place where you will easily find scrubs for preschool teachers, daycare teachers, and really any educator who wants to enjoy the comfort and ease of wearing a scrub uniform to work. So, whether you are looking for a fun scrub top, or a simple solid scrub set; we’ve got them all!

And if you thought that nursing scrubs were only for those in the medical field, think again! Scrub uniforms are gaining popularity outside the healthcare world, and for good reason. With all the talk about creating a safe environment to learn in, and keeping things as sanitary as possible, many schools are now allowing or even requiring their teachers to wear scrubs to work.


You know the feeling of coming home after a long day at work and changing out of your formal work clothes into a pair of comfy jeans and tee as soon as you walk through the door? Well, those days are now over. With teacher scrubs being the new dress code at work, you can now feel like you are lounging around in your pajamas all day. They are seriously that comfortable! With soft, luxurious fabrics and a huge selection of stretch scrubs, you can now reach, bend and even play with the little ones of the floor without worrying about ripping seams or uncomfortable rubbing. These uniforms are designed with the wearer's comfort in mind, and the scrub tops and pants truly reflect that.

Teacher Scrub Tops- These uniform tops are loaded with amazing comfortable features that include: side knit panels for added flexibility, slits at the hem for ease of movement, and moisture wicking fabric to keep you feeling fresh and dry even as you chase after the little ones. These are truly the perfect daycare teacher scrubs.

Teacher Scrub Pants- Scrub pants are hands down one of the most comfortable pants you can buy. The selection is huge giving you the ability to choose the perfect pair of scrub bottoms that fit your style and needs. Some features include: a super comfy elastic waist, adjustable drawstrings for the perfect fit, and even yoga style scrubs for the ultimate in comfort.


Concerned that the children will confuse you as being a nurse? No worries! With scrub styles reflecting current fashion trends these days, the opposite is true. Sometimes it is hard to know that what the nurse is wearing is actually scrubs! There are jogger scrubs, skinny scrub pants, as well as scrub tops and tees that look like typical workout clothes. So if classy is your style, go with Cherokee Statement Scrubs. Fun and whimsical more your thing? Check out Disney Tooniforms prints. And if you just want a basic clean look, then Cherokee Workwear or Wonderwink will do the job well. You can now look fashionable, be comfortable, and not worry about the mess- a real winner!


Scrubs were designed to put up with a lot of mess and grime, and withstand it all! The scrub fabric is strong and durable, making them extremely easy to care for. We know that dealing with kids all day can do a real job on your clothes, no need to worry, just throw them in the wash and dryer, and you’re good to go! And many scrub sets are wrinkle resistant as well, so now you can look great without even as much as touching the iron.

So, go ahead and browse our large selection of daycare scrubs from leading scrub brands in all your favorite colors and styles. For any questions or concerns regarding scrubs for teachers or daycare workers feel free to reach out to our friendly sales staff who will be happy to assist you!

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