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Tooniforms Models

Say 'Hello (Kitty)' to Cherokee’s 'Marvel'ous Tooniforms scrubs line! It features all your favorite cartoon characters and is bound to bring cheer to even the most miserable of little patients.
Watch as your little charges go ‘peanuts’ over these fun-tastic medical scrubs made exclusively by Cherokee. Each uniform top is held up to the high quality standards that have put Cherokee on the map, and effectively combines professionalism with a hefty dose of playfulness. From Sesame Street's Elmo and Big Bird, to Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat, your adorable pediatric patients will be captivated by these familiar TV and storybook characters. Anything to make your job just a little bit easier!
What truly sets this Tooniforms line apart, though, is its vibrant palette of colors. Never has Sponge Bob looked so yellow, or Cookie Monster so intensely blue. Best of all, because each Tooniforms scrub top boasts a range of vivid hues, you can match a single top to practically any pair of scrub pants already hanging in your closet. Talk about versatility!
Have a little patient dead set on taking after you? Have a little patient dead set on taking after you? Tell all the Moms that scrub set 6620C was made with the wee ones in mind. Available in a host of patterns and kiddie sizes, this nursing scrub set is perfect for dress-up or Halloween!
When it comes to Cherokee Tooniforms scrubs, you can “Betty Boop” your bottom dollar that your nursing uniforms will have everyone smiling!
Contact our friendly sales staff to help you in matching your Tooniforms top to a comfortable pair of scrub pants or pair it to the perfect nurse jacket to keep you warm through those long shifts. Reach them via live chat or by calling 888.56.SCRUBS.
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