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Urbane Essentials Scrubs

Have you tried a pair of Urbane Essentials Scrubs yet? These nursing scrubs for women are absolutely essential for modern medical professionals. Browse the selection, and see what these scrub uniforms are all about!

Why Choose Urbane Essentials Scrubs?

So, your favorite medical scrubs are becoming a little worn out, and you’re trying to find new nursing scrubs that are just as awesome. In case you’re hesitating about making a switch, I’ll tell you this: no matter how fabulous your previous pair of scrubs were, Urbane Essentials are just as good! And I say that with confidence, because there are so many different options of Urbane Essentials Scrubs that no matter your preference, you’re bound to find a piece you’ll love. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, just how are Urbane Essentials so amazing? Well, I’ll tell you how, right now!

Flawless Fit

Quite a number of nurses and other female professionals are simply obsessed with the fit of these scrubs. There are so many options! Many ladies appreciate the slightly contouring silhouettes, but there are so many other things to notice as well. These scrub tops and pants are designed to keep you chic and confident as you care for your patients. Drawstrings are sturdy and dependable, and waistlines are designed to not sag or slide with movement. Bend down to care for your patient without having to worry at all!

Abundant Details

Attractive details abound on the hospital scrubs in this collection. The designers at Urbane scrubs put in much thought when they were creating this collection, and it shows! Browse through the Urbane Essentials collection to discover a plethora of details, some of which you’ve never seen on scrubs before. For instance, take note of the stylish necklines, and check out the flattering princess seams. Some scrub pants don’t come with visible side seams, for an even sleeker impression.

Dependable Durability

Nurses need uniforms that they can depend on, and Urbane Essentials scrubs are as durable as your hospital scrubs can possibly be. Urbane Essentials tops feature deep pockets, and some of the pants feature side vents for unrestricted movement.

Fit Options

Most scrub brands feature scrub pieces that are either modern, or classic. This scrub collection features both! That makes for more fit options for you to choose from. So, whether you appreciate a more modern cut, or you’d prefer a more classic style, there’s a pair of Urbane Essentials scrubs that are just your style! Also, no matter how tall or short you are, there is likely a scrub choice for you in this collection.

Urbane Essential Scrubs are essential for everyone. No matter your height, style, or preference, with so many different options, there are bound to be something in this collection that will be just perfect for you. Shop now!

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