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Urbane Scrubs Models

Designed by nurses for nurses, Urbane Scrubs caters to the empowered woman in the medical profession, by infusing personality and attitude into their fashionable, flattering, and yet still functional designer nursing uniforms. So be unique, be U, and be an Urbane Scrubs wearing woman!
The philosophy behind the creation of an Urbane Scrubs uniform is empowerment. It doesn't matter how old you are, it doesn't matter what your job title is, and it certainly doesn't matter what body type you were given. If you're a woman in the medical profession you belong in a set of Urbane medical scrubs. Best of all, you'll never be expected to sacrifice fashion for function. Each garment is runway inspired, features a flattering fit, comes equipped with an excess of pockets, and is available in loads of fun colors!
Perhaps what truly sets them apart, though, is the fact that each pair Urbane scrub pants, tops, jacket, and lab coat in the collection is designed by real nurses who get what it's like to be on duty. A team of Urbane Insiders then tests each product to ensure that it meets Urbane standards of style, fit, and function. Urbane has even created a sport line, aptly named Urbane Performance, which boasts cool scrubs in a moisture wicking, 4-way stretch so that you can move, flex, and run in maximum comfort. For a lightweight, silk-like, medical uniform with just a hint of stretch you'll want to invest in the Urbane Ultimate collection.
Celebrate your individuality by donning Urbane Scrubs to work!
Have a question regarding fit, style, or color? No problem! Reach out to our friendly sales staff and they will be glad to help.
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