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Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

Here's Why!

Why Nurses Wear Scrubs

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Remember those days of white scrub dresses and spiffy caps? Well, those times are long gone. Nowadays, the accepted nursing uniform is scrubs. I think it’s awesome that scrubs are the new normal, and here’s why:

  • They help create a sterile healthcare environment.
  • They allow for easy identification of medical professionals.
  • They provide healthcare professionals with convenient practical features.
  • They are important for personal safety reasons.
  • They are quite economical.
  • They give professionals a modern & up-to-date appearance.

Staying Sanitary

As nurses, we care for many medically fragile patients who are susceptible to infection, and at the same time, we’re often exposed to an inordinate amount of contaminated substances  which can transmit diseases.
The benefit of wearing scrubs is that these nursing uniforms are crafted from high-quality fabrics that were designed specifically for healthcare professionals, with many containing antimicrobial properties which inhibit the spread of bacteria and germs.
Often, healthcare facilities launder their employees’ scrubs on premises. They don’t just dump it into the washing machine with some detergent, though. These facilities use powerful cleaning chemicals combined with high temperatures to disinfect the scrubs, and ensure that any blood, fluids, or other contaminating substances are completely removed. The harsh method of cleaning used to wash scrubs is much stronger than the regular washing cycle, and can totally ruin regular everyday clothing. That’s why it’s much more practical for nurses, who need to take sanitary precautions, to wear scrubs on the job.
In this vein, one of two things will occur if nurses would wear typical clothes: Either the clothing will get ruined after a couple of washes, or, if they’re washed like regular clothes, they won’t be sanitary enough. So, by wearing scrubs, nurses are helping their patients recover, and preventing patients from being exposed to harmful substances that will inhibit their healing process. At the same time, they are enabling their healthcare facility to be a more sterile place overall.

Easy Identification

Many hospitals require different color scrubs for different departments, making it easy to find a nurse when you need one. Color-coded uniforms are conducive to a professional healthcare environment; they give a professional, organized, and streamlined effect that is reassuring to patients and their families.
There’s no specific color uniform for nurses; it really depends on the facility you work in. Most nurses are required to wear solid color scrubs, but often, in nursing homes and in doctors’ offices, nurses can wear fun printed scrubs.
So, if you are looking into nursing, but you feel like you need tons of variety even in your scrub wardrobe, you may want to work with kids or seniors! Actually, at Medical Scrubs Collection we offer fabulous group discounts, so that an entire department can order their scrubs together and save.

Features for Nurses

Since scrubs were specifically designed for medical professionals, as a nurse, you may just find some fabulous features on your scrubs that are perfect for you!

Some of the exclusive features in medical scrubs you won’t find on everyday clothing include:

Plenty of pockets, Bungee loops, Antimicrobial properties, Moisture-wicking technology (i.e., sweat-free!)

How many pockets does a regular shirt usually have? Not more than one or two. (And maybe three, if you’re lucky...) There are hundreds of scrubs tops that come with more pockets than that. The Wonderwink Origins 6026 Mock Wrap, a popular women’s scrub top, has five spacious pockets! That means it’ll afford you with lots of storage space for medical instruments, a phone, or anything else you want to keep on hand.
As a nurse, even when you’ve got your hands full, there are still some things that are meant to stay within reach. And with most scrubs, you can keep those important items near you, all the time. There are also other features you can find on quality scrubs that nurses are bound to appreciate and utilize. Take the bungee loop, for instance; it’s so practical, and so necessary. Some scrubs even have innovative antimicrobial or moisture wicking properties imbued into them.
Basically, just like a police uniform has all the features a policeman needs, and a military uniform provides details essential to soldiers, a medical uniform does the same.

For Your Protection

The strong, durable makeup of a nursing uniform really helps to increase the wearer’s personal safety. Since scrubs are so sanitary and well-cleaned, they keep the wearer’s skin protected from harmful substances. So, no matter if you’re working in the lab or your on shift at a busy hospital; in a scrub outfit, you’ll be fully covered and protected.



Scrubs are cheaper than regular clothing, and last longer, as well. If you’d wear your regular clothes to work, they can get ruined easily, so you’d have to keep replacing them. Scrubs are made to withstand the rigors of the healthcare world, and therefore they endure longer than a typical tee would. That makes them pretty cost-effective!
And if they do get ruined, they’re more easily disposable than regular clothing since they cost less. When it comes to finding a cool sweater or a pretty pair of earrings, I don’t mind spending money, but on scrubs? Well, sorry, but no. That’s why I’m glad that it’s easy to find quality, comfortable scrubs at affordable prices. And if you’re the type who feels that only the best will do for you, try Grey’s Anatomy scrubs! You’ll feel like a celebrity every day you wear them.
But typical high-quality scrubs from a regular brand are usually well-priced, budget-friendly, and can last for months; they’re just how most nurses prefer their uniforms to be.

Modern Appearance

Although white dresses are admittedly classy the first few minutes after you put them on, when every speck of dirt and blood and other fluid is clearly visible, they don’t look so sophisticated. Contemporary scrubs are flattering, well-fitting and don’t highlight every tiny germ and bit of residue the way a white nursing uniform will. This allows for a nurse to make a professional and modern impression.

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities demand that nurses wear scrubs, to promote all of the aforementioned benefits. And, at this point, it’s almost taken for granted that nurses wear scrubs.

Medical scrubs are sanitary, allow for easy identification, offer maximum pocket space and protect the wearer’s skin. They are also well-priced, and help nurses look professional and put together.

It’s no wonder so many nursing facilities require nurses to wear them; after all, these clothes are probably the most conducive to competency and practicality for nurses. And of course, since nurses are well-aware of the benefits of wearing scrubs, many RN’s are happy to wear them whether or not they are required to! Honestly, if you were a nurse, wouldn’t you choose to wear scrubs? I know I would!

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