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As a woman in the fast paced medical world today, let your scrub top express your unique individuality like only clothing can. With our extensive collection of feminine nursing uniform shirts, all in styles ranging from classic to contemporary, the choices are endless. Be it athletically inspired scrub tunics from the unrivaled Cherokee Flexibles line, cute character prints from Cherokee Tooniforms line, or a basic underscrub tee for layering, ladies of the medical world are guaranteed to find something that'll suit their individual style and body type.

Some people like the contemporary fit, others stick with classic, and some like the athletic, sporty look. And some girls appreciate the relaxed fit a unisex top offers. You can look through these women’s scrub tops for the style that you love most; with over five hundred different pieces in our scrub shirt collection, every girl can find the tops that are just her style!


I’m sure you ladies know that choosing the right size scrub top is so, so important. A uniform scrub top that’s the proper size for you will allow you to look your best, and feel more comfortable, too! And finding the right size is no big deal; there are scrub tops for women in sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL! Whether you’ve got the baseball player frame and need big and tall scrubs, or you’re a small kinda girl and need petite ones, you can find the right medical apparel to fit your figure at Medical Scrubs Collection. We even offer maternity scrubs for any mom-to-be!


Three cheers for practical features! Those little details we take so for granted, like pockets, bungee loops, and cable routing capabilities, are so necessary, and make life so much easier! Can you imagine getting through the day without them? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ll admit it; I can’t. In order to get through the day, I need my coffee, I need my phone, and I need my practical scrub tops. Features such as adjustable ties, instrument pockets, bungee loops, and the occasional head phone cord system are what help me make it through! Couple these features with unparalleled quality and comfort, and you’ve got uniform tops that are each a veritable treasure chest of conveniences.


I’ll bet you never imagined what an effect the fabric can have on your scrub uniform, but the material really does make a difference. And I’ll tell you just how, right now! Imagine a scrub shirt that’s comprised of a fabric that minimizes odors. That would be so awesome, right? It would let people feel so much more fresh and confident! Well, guess what? There’s no need for imagination; there really are such scrub tops! If you don’t believe me, try out the Barco One Wellness V-Neck Top, and you’ll see just what I’m talking about! There are also fabrics with a stretch component, that give you the flexibility you’ve always craved, and then there are even scrubs with quick dry and moisture wicking properties imbued in the fabric! Oh, what a difference fabric can make. Choose your scrub top wisely, ladies, by keeping the fabric in mind. You’ll be so glad you did!


Show some summer spirit with a floral scrub top, or bring some bold vibes into the ward with a brightly patterned one! There are lots of different prints out there, from so many different brands, to suit every taste. Choose from a subtly chic patterned top, pick an adorable Disney scrub top that young patients will adore, or find that unique piece you love.


If you’re bound by a dress code, fear not, because our scrub tops come in an endless array of colors for you to choose from. Many nurses need ceil scrub tops, some require wine colored ones, and a few even need orange scrub tops. Which are you looking for? Well, whichever color it may be, look around. With so many scrub shirts available, I’m sure you’ll find that perfect shade without too much hassle!

Competitive Prices

All of your favorite scrub tops, all at the best possible prices. What more can even you dream of? There are Grey’s Anatomy scrub tops, shirts from Cherokee Workwear, and loads more options, from well over 40 different brands!

Turning to MSC to complete your nursing scrubs wardrobe is a no-brainer; the only hard part will be choosing between great, greater, and greatest!

Let one of our dedicated customer service representatives help you choose the best uniform top for you. Simply log in for a live chat or give us a call at 888.56.SCRUBS, and we will be happy to assist you!

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