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WonderWink WonderFlex Scrubs

Just like its name connotes, the Wonderflex scrub collection by Wonderwink offers a wonderfully flexible and stretchy medical uniform for men and women. Designed for the busy medical professional, to whom comfort is of utmost importance, these scrub uniforms are sure to exceed your comfort expectations.


Made from a soft and stretchy cotton-poly fabric blend, these nursing scrubs are not only a pleasure to wear, but look great as well. The design details include triple stitching with contrasting colors, abundant pockets, and functional loops. These functional features in each uniform piece make Wonderflex stand out above and beyond other medical scrubs, making it easy to see why this collection has become a favorite among healthcare providers. Strong, yet soft, these uniforms are extremely durable, and are made withstand the daily rigors that are part and parcel of every nurse’s job.


If you are looking for hospital scrubs with an amazing fit, then you have come to the right place! With a flattering and slenderizing fit, which provides enough give to ensure that it is not too tight or uncomfortable, you really can’t go wrong.


Classically styled with a modern twist, the Wonderflex doctor scrubs will keep you looking sharp and stylish, just like the professional that you truly are.


Carrying a full selection of both men’s and women’s scrubs, there is something for everyone. Choose from a huge variety of scrub tops, pants, as well as medical jackets and lab coats in a large choice of colors and styles. Have specific color code required by your facility? No worries! We have something for you.


With all their uniforms available in sizes ranging from XXS-3XL, as well as some women’s styles ranging up to size 5XL, they’ve got you covered. For your convenience the scrub bottoms come in petite and tall size options to accommodate the short to the very tall.

For a super flexible, comfortable, and stylish nursing uniform look no further. You won’t be disappointed.

If you have any scrub related questions feel free to contact our helpful sales representative-they will be happy to assist you in purchasing the surgical scrubs of your dreams!


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