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WonderWink High Performance

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You've worked hard to get to where you are in your career as a medical professional: long shifts, grueling work, and tough courses (not to mention some of those instructors!) but it was all worth it for a job you love with rewards greater than you ever imagined. Now it's time to reward yourself with scrubs from High Performance by WonderWink, crafted especially with hard working, medical professionals in mind.

This terrific looking line of medical workwear is engineered with innovative, double layer fabric. What does that mean? It means you stay cool and comfortable no matter how many hours you put in. A thin layer of air within the fabric provides a refreshing feel that prevents clothing from sticking to your skin while moisture is wicked away from the body to the outside layer, keeping you dry and fresh. This super soft fabric is also treated with an exclusive finish for an additional cooling effect. Because, let's face it, sometimes you sweat and it's nice to know WonderWink HP has your back.
Bend, reach and stretch much while at work? High Performance has got you covered there, too. This colorful and stylish line of scrubs is crafted with maximum stretch, high spandex that moves and grooves with you, no binding or pulling, just fluid movement in a flattering fit. Every item in this line also has soil release properties to make your life easier and laundry night a no-brainer, just wash and go.
Give High Performance by WonderWink a try and reward yourself with something flattering and easy to wear. You won't believe how it changes your perspective.
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