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WonderWink HP Women's Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pants-5212

Item# 5212
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Not only are these cute, 5212 boot cut bottoms from High Performance by WonderWink stylish and comfortable, they are very clever, as well! Here's why, they can go from everyday hems to gathered in the blink of an eye, kind of like Clark Kent changing into Superman in a phone booth, except you won't need a phone booth! Depending on the look you want, simply flip up the cuffs to access the inner elastic for cinching and viola, you have a whole new look. Add in soil release properties for easy care and moisture wicking for comfort and you have an unbeatable combination. Pair all that with a back elastic, full drawstring waistband for a custom fit as well as two front pockets, a cargo pocket, a mini-cargo pocket, along with two back pockets and you have room for all your essentials plus the kitchen sink. How's that for clever?



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