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Workflow By Landau Models

Made by Landau with their signature workmanship, the revolutionary Workflow Scrubs are soft, super stretchy, well priced, and perfect for someone as active on the floor as you are.
The Landau brand has been at the forefront of medical scrubs innovation for decades, and has recently unveiled the brand new Workflow line. Made for the active medical professional, this collection of soft to the touch and stretchy nursing uniforms is ready to go to work for you. Each scrub top and bottom in the collection is available in a slew of colors ranging from conservative to big, bold and fun, and features vented hems so that you can walk, run, or even sprint to your next patient with the greatest of ease. Not only will your charges appreciate the super-fast service you in your Workflow uniform can provide them with, but they'll love the good cheer you'll bring when you deck yourself out in an exciting, Workflow seasonal print. Landau isn't merely concerned with maximizing your job performance, though; Landau wants to maximize your dollar. So yes, where standards are concerned this is every bit a Landau medical uniform. Where price is concerned, you can breathe easy knowing you're getting the most bang for your buck! !
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