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Every nurse deserves a pair of yoga scrub pants. Nurses stretch themselves as far as they can, caring for patients (and often family too) with unparalleled devotion and competence. These scrub pants do the same; they provide nurses with a flexible, comfortable wear that allows them to move about freely and help their patients to the utmost.

Once upon a time, nearly all women wore jeans, and long ago, ladies wore sweatpants to exercise class. Remember those days? Those times weren’t that long ago. Nowadays, though, it’s all about yoga pants and leggings; they’re both the go-to choice for women all over, myself included. Even in the corporate world, many girls are beginning to show up to work in deliciously comfortable yoga pants.

And finally, nurses can do the same! At Medical Scrubs Collection, we’ve made shopping for yoga scrub uniforms as easy as can be, and we’ve even made yoga scrubs it’s own category so that you can find a full selection of scrub pants with a yoga waist (with nothing else mixed in between them) in seconds.

Have you ever tried yoga style scrubs before? Are you sitting on the sidelines, wondering why every day another coworker comes in wearing them?

Well, there’s no need to wonder any longer, because I can tell you just what makes these pants so fabulous!

1. They make you feel so skinny, it’s awesome!

2. These pants have a wonderfully flattering feminine fit!

3. They are really cool and trendy; you know that!

4. They are super comfy, and stretchy, too!

Now that you’re aware of the basic benefits of nurse yoga pants, let me tell you some more about them.

There are different types of yoga scrub pants. There are slim-fit yoga style scrub pants, flare leg yoga scrub pants, and many other styles, fits and features to choose from.

These popular yoga style scrubs are brought to you by many of our favorite nursing uniform brands, including Med Couture, WonderWink, and more.

You may be overwhelmed by the many options, so I put together a few tips that are sure to help you out. Here’s what to look out for when choosing your yoga nursing scrubs!

Fit: Find the fit that looks best on you, and fits you comfortably. There are flare leg yoga pants, straight leg, and slim fit styles, and classic cuts, too. Choose the one that suits you best.

Stretch: Check the fabric component for Spandex, which gives yoga pant scrub bottoms a flexible stretch. More Spandex means more stretch, and more freedom of movement.

Brand: Choosing yoga scrub bottoms from a reputable brand is a great step to take if you want quality scrub pants. Cheap options may or may not last the month, so if you need dependable pants, you’re best off sticking with a well-known scrub brand!

Size: Depending on your build, you’re going to want your pants to be a specific length and width. Before purchasing a pair of yoga pants, make sure the inseam is the right amount to make you look great. There are plenty of plus size options, as well as choices for petites, too.

Now that you know all there is to be aware of about the awesomeness and important info about yoga scrub uniforms, you’re ready to stop, drop, and shop! Have fun choosing unbeatably comfy nursing scrubs that feel just like yoga pants! more... close

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