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Introducing… Stylish Scrubs With A Twist.

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Beauty Banter, Dickies Everyday Scrubs, News & Promos, Nurse Reads, Scrub Spotlight | 0 comments

dickies advance nursing uniforms

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! I’ve got some great news for you.
There’s a new line of nursing uniforms from Dickies that is totally changing the look of nurses for the better. Called Dickies Advance, these scrubs are casual and contemporary like none other.
Remember how Cherokee Workwear took over the scrub world by a storm? Well, I’ll bet you Dickies Advance is going to be the next big thing in our industry.
They’re fun, functional, and totally awesome!
Don’t they remind you of jeans? No, seriously, I think these scrubs are the closest you can get to wearing denim to work!
The foremost reason why Dickies Advance is becoming so wildly popular is due to its casual style. As athleisure and business casual enjoys its seemingly endless apex, scrub styles are finally beginning to follow suit. And although jeans are not allowed in healthcare facilities, for obvious reasons, nurses have just realized that they can get that look — by wearing a Dickies Advance scrub set!
So, Dickies Advance nursing scrubs are modern and millenial, made for 2019.
But they’re not just fun and fashionable; they’ve each been imbued with the inherent strength of Dickies, one of the premier scrub brands. They’re crafted from high quality, durable fabric you can depend on.
These high-quality medical uniforms are loaded with functional features like side vents, bungee loops, and more. Side vents add some much-needed flexibility to your rigorous workday, and bungee loops are there because every modern scrub needs a bungee loop to put an ID card on.
But, honestly, according to most nurses, these scrubs aren’t bought for their features, although the functional details are very much appreciated. The reason these nursing uniforms are so wildly popular is because of their style. They’re totally trending now, and for good reason: They’re super stylish and fabulously flattering; just what today’s nurses need!

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