• Introducing… Stylish Scrubs With A Twist.

    Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! I’ve got some great news for you. There’s a new line of nursing uniforms from Dickies that is totally changing the look of nurses for the better. Called Dickies Advance, these scrubs are casual and contemporary like none other. Remember how Cherokee Workwear took over the scrub world by a storm? Well, I’ll bet you Dickies Advance is going to be the next big thing in our industry. They’re […]

  • Layered Up & Ready

    You know those days when you walk outside and a blast of cold air hits you in the face? Ouch! That’s when I know that it’s time to layer up, with booties, leggings, a warm scrub jacket, and cozy underscrubs. This winter is going to have a lot of those frigid days, and who knows better about the importance of layering up in cold weather than an experienced nurse? Seriously, we nurses have got […]

  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Nurses

                              I don’t know about you, but I wait for this season since, like, forever. It’s one of my favorite times of year, with everything I need at the best prices ever! I don’t know how holiday time turned into spending season, but truthfully? I don’t mind! It’s worth it; I get all the things I’ve been dreaming of buying for the […]

  • 5 Top Summer 2018 Picks

    This summer, you can spend your free time at the beach; no need to search too hard for cute scrubs. I love shopping, so I’ll do the browsing for you! Here are my five top summer picks for 2018. Best of luck choosing which scrubs you like best! This vibrant Dickies Dynamix Floral Printed Scrub Top just screams summer. Bring a bold burst of fashion and fun into every room you enter! Flowery and […]

  • The Quick & Easy Nurse Hairdo

    Let me begin by saying that if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to read this page. My hair needs attention and work. Honestly it’s not god-awful, but it sure needs my TLC! The frizz, the limpness… it’s just not very amicable. I’ve been on this never ending chase to look for hairstyles that work on any given day, regardless of the weather, my mood or how much time I have on […]

  • Heart Art

    Sappy love tracks have officially made their seasonal debut, along with red roses which just about blur your vision, and the heady scent of chocolate which wafts through practically every store. For the hopelessly romantic, these signs point to one day, and one day only- Valentine’s Day! And for all you nurses cringing on the inside and trying desperately to bid the red circle around the 14th of February away, it’s too bad. Valentine’s […]

  • How To: Look Great with a Minimal Amount of Makeup

    As nurses you need to uphold certain standards, one of which includes makeup that resembles your natural appearance. The understanding behind this is you need to uphold a modest persona, one that was established years ago and continues today. By now you’ve realized that in this profession you end up  interacting with various people from all different walks of life. With little or no makeup you should surely be able to relate to them […]

  • How To: Style your Hair for Nurses on the Go

    We’re sure you can agree that as nurses, you are really busy! You are always on the move because rushing from patient to patient is part of your job. Each shift is so hectic, that performing patient care without taking into consideration the state of your hair is sometimes the order of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if your hair just always looked perfect? Here are some hairstyle ideas that are easy to […]

  • How To: Choose the Right Scrub Styles for your Body Shape

    Being comfortable while you work is a factor which contributes greatly to your overall output. But looking great is important too! This is why, as a medical professional, you need to ensure that your uniform suits you, both in the capacity of your job and your body type. When shopping for scrubs, pay close attention to your selections in relation to your height, body type and complexion or hair color. A tall person, in […]

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