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Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs?

by | May 20, 2021 | Nurse Reads | 0 comments


Walking around a hospital or medical facility you will notice that some medical professionals have their scrub tops tucked in while others have them untucked. Did you ever wonder why some choose to tuck in, while others don’t? Read further to find out the answer!

Although not all scrub top styles cannot be worn tucked in, many scrub brands are designing tuckable scrub tops so you can look fashionable, even on the job. A scrub top with bottom pockets cannot be tucked, so, before reading more take a look at your scrub shirts and check if you are a tucked in scrub top candidate.


Oftentimes you will see doctors wearing their scrub tops tucked in, while nurses have them untucked. Why is this so? This is really a matter of practicality, and anyone who prefers to tuck can do so (as long as your top allows it). Doctors often wear hospital supplied unisex scrubs that are baggy and have a more secure fit when tucked in. Also, they sometimes carry a beeper on their pants which can only be comfortably attached when tucked in. Those working in the OR are also usually tucked in since they need to keep everything as sterile as possible and tucking in will ensure that their scrub top won’t sweep any surfaces. On the other hand nurses are busy with a myriad of activities and often need a variety of medical supplies at hand that require several pockets to store things in, thus making tucked in scrubs not a practical option.


Another factor to keep in mind when deciding whether to tuck in your scrub top is, does it suit your figure? Those who are thin and slender tend to look better in tucked in tops in general, while those with a bit of belly usually look better with a tucked out scrub top.


Some who wear their scrubs tucked in claim to find it more comfortable and feel more secure knowing that their scrubs won’t ride up. But those who opt for the untucked look say they feel less restrained and more comfortable with leaving them tucked out. So, really it boils down to personal opinion.

Try both ways out for yourself and see if tucked in or tucked out suits you better, and if you like both, go for it, on different days of the week!

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