• Staff Fall Picks

    Let’s face it, fall is just around the corner. And although I really don’t want to pull out my long johns, I am excited to wear my warm, wintery nail polish and be surrounded by pumpkin spice everything! And since we’re all doing a little change in our wardrobes, I figured we’d bring you our Medical Scrubs Collection staff fall picks. Here you go:       Kelly’s digging the Dickies Performance System tee in the […]

  • Raise Your Glass! It’s the Moto Jacket

    Let’s be real honest here for a moment. There are not very many celebrities who would readily admit that their lives are not the glamorous joy ride we all think they’re on. They play the game. And they do it well. Next thing you know, the celebrity couple who just flashed their lovey-dovey smiles, is done and out with their relationship. That’s when we remember – “Oh yeah, they’re human too!” P!nk is too […]

  • Bring It To Scrubs: Leather Fashion Trend

    Emma Roberts definitely had an in into stardom. As the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, it seems like there just wasn’t that much work she had to do to get into the glamorous world showbiz. That doesn’t take away from the fact that her acting skills are superb! Have you seen We’re the Millers and American Horror Story this year? I mean she was just fabulous! Not to mention […]

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