• Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs?

    Walking around a hospital or medical facility you will notice that some medical professionals have their scrub tops tucked in while others have them untucked. Did you ever wonder why some choose to tuck in, while others don’t? Read further to find out the answer! Although not all scrub top styles cannot be worn tucked in, many scrub brands are designing tuckable scrub tops so you can look fashionable, even on the job. A […]

  • The Perfect Vet Scrubs

    Working as a vet, or vet tech is a dream job for any animal lover. As the saying goes: “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Helping adorable furry pets feel their best while earning a livelihood definitely sounds like something that would fit the bill! Let’s talk vet scrubs! It’s important that veterinarians dress in uniforms that work best for their needs. Working […]

  • Fashion Scrubs At Their Best: Cherokee Form Scrubs

    Although Cherokee Form scrubs have been around since 2019, these nursing scrubs are worth talking about, even two years later! Chic, trendy and oh, so stylish, Cherokee Form scrubs are luxury scrubs that belong in every fashion conscious health professional’s closet. Although you may be mandated to wear a scrub uniform on the job, there is no reason why the doctor, nurse, or any medical worker for that matter can’t show off their sense […]

  • Welcoming Spring 2021 With Fresh Spring Scrubs

    It’s been a long and difficult winter, but spring is in the air and with it hopefully good and happy times! Nothing lifts the spirit like a beautiful sunny spring day. Now that we are officially in the season of Spring 2021, bring a ray of sunshine into your scrub wardrobe with some fresh spring scrub styles! Spring Scrub Colors Bright beautiful scrubs are so much more than just a colored uniform. They literally […]

  • The Best Cheap Scrubs- Our Favorite Picks

        Let’s face it, we know that the cost of living is higher than ever, and the last thing you want to spend your hard earned money on is your nursing scrubs. But, looking and feeling great is important too. Here is where cheap scrubs come in to save the day! And when I say cheap, I mean in price, not quality. Wearing a well crafted, high quality scrub uniform is something every […]

  • Maternity Scrubs – All You Need to Know

    Congratulations! You just got a positive read on your pregnancy test confirming your niggling suspicion that good news is on its way. Emotions run high with excitement, you feel a bit nervous (don’t worry, it’s normal!) and anticipate the coming of the new addition. Although it may not be time to go maternity scrub shopping just yet, now is the time to get to know the ins and outs of pregnancy scrubs because before you […]

  • The Best in Plus Size Scrubs

    No matter your body size or shape you deserve to look good in your nursing scrubs. With plus size nursing scrubs you can not only look amazing, but also feel great in a well fitting medical uniform. These days plus size scrubs are easy to find, with most leading scrub brands designing scrubs in a large range of sizes to accommodate all of our amazing medical professionals, helping them look and feel their best. […]

  • Jogger Scrubs; All you Need to Know About Them

    They’re chic, they’re super comfortable, and they are all the rage in the nursing scrub world; they are jogger scrub pants. Jogger scrubs arrived on the scrub uniform scene just a short year or two ago. At first, only a couple of scrub brands offered the jogger scrub, but then it quickly gained popularity, and within months there were multiple jogger scrub styles on the market. They became such a sought after product that […]

  • Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

    And just like that, 2020 is about to fade into the annals of history. It left its mark, though. And how!! But mankind intends to push forward and greet 2021 with open hearts and arms. We may have been battered and bruised by the coronavirus pandemic that raged on for most of 2020 and continues to wreak its havoc worldwide, but the future is looking brighter; more hopeful than it did just a few […]

  • Gift List: Nurse Edition

    ‘Tis the season of joy and cheer!! 2020 is on its way out and a vaccine(!!!) has been introduced, making the world seem just a bit brighter these days. Plus, Christmas; family, friends (yes… social distanced!), and of course GIFTS!! I mean, who couldn’t use a gift right now?? Sure, budgets are tight, and credit cards are just about maxed out for much of the population, but gifts need not be extravagant to be […]

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