• Floral & Flair Versus Solid & Square

    Funny how fashion trends work. Prints used to be so out. Like so super out. Just a few years ago we were living by the saying ‘the more simple and plain the outfit, the better’. Now however, prints and frills are making a grand comeback! Perhaps the reason why fads keep coming back ‘round is because of the freshness the style offers on its return. Or maybe the logic behind styles doing an encore […]

  • It’s Floral and You Know It

    Spring has come, look out there’s the sun! Oh oops, that’s not the sun – well umm it’s supposed to be there. Okay then, I guess I’ll patiently wait for its arrival. While I wait though, we ought to bring the spring festivities up a notch, celebrate and dress as though spring weather has actually arrived. Shall we? It has come to that point of desperation where I’ll actually fake it until we make […]

  • Vanessa Hudgens and Cherokee Runway Scrubs

    I would have loved to be at the Beverly Hills hotel on August 15th. Celebs, smiles and glam is what went down there! Superstars for Hope honored Make-A-Wish in Beverly Hills that night and the brightest stars attended to show their support. Oh and boy did they show! Vanessa Hudgens made her big entrance in a bronze, green and black Temperley London beautifully detailed dress. Her ombre hair was fashionably tied up in a […]

  • Ariana Grande at the VMAs & Runway Scrubs

    Ready to go down the runway just like Ariana Grande? This Cherokee Runway scrub stop is superbly similar to the dazzling dress Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande wore to the Video Music Awards 2013, just last week. If you’ve watched the VMA’s, you’ve seen Ariana Grande perform songs for the first time from her album “The Way”. Her performance was spot on and she sure knew how to own that stage! The 20 year old […]

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