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Welcoming Spring 2021 With Fresh Spring Scrubs

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Nurse Reads, Seasonal Scrubs | 0 comments

heartsoul_spring_hs328_madisonduffel_instagramIt’s been a long and difficult winter, but spring is in the air and with it hopefully good and happy times! Nothing lifts the spirit like a beautiful sunny spring day. Now that we are officially in the season of Spring 2021, bring a ray of sunshine into your scrub wardrobe with some fresh spring scrub styles!

Spring Scrub Colors

Bright beautiful scrubs are so much more than just a colored uniform. They literally have the power to put you, as well as those around you, in a great mood. Did you know that you really possess power with the choice of your scrub color? Blue scrubs give off the impression that you are approachable, trustworthy and generous. Green exudes a feeling of tranquility, comfort, and well-being. For more cool information on this topic check out this scrub color guide to see the amazing power you have with your choice of scrub color.

Great spring color choices are soft hues and fresh palettes. From beautiful blushing pink to pastel purples and soft sorbets, there are lots of gorgeous scrub uniform color options to brighten your day!

If printed scrubs are more your thing, go for a bright floral scrub top and you will literally bring the spring indoors. Beautiful blooming flowers are a great way to remind you of the budding greenery, even as you go about your work inside.

Pair one of favorite spring colored scrub tops with a pair of trendy jogger scrubs or a classic drawstring scrub pant in the matching color for the complete look. And don’t forget to check out our scrub jackets line for those slightly chilly days.

Whatever nursing scrubs you choose, remember spring is the season of renewal and hope, so take a deep breath and look forward to a glorious future!


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