• Selena Slays in Color-block

    All those that grew up reading Dr. Dolittle, say Aye!! Well… so have I! Ahhhh, the memories… Dr. John Dolittle was the brilliant figment of Hugh Hasting’s imagination and serves as the central character in the Dr. Dolittle series. A kind but eccentric physician, who shuns human patients in favor of animals once he realizes he can converse with them, Dr. Dolittle proceeds to travel the globe to better understand the nature and history […]

  • Ravishing Reds on the Red Carpet

    Raise your hand if you worked over this holiday weekend. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of you! And just so you know I’m raising my hand too. I went to the doctor today and the receptionists were saying how they had their ‘Monday faces’ on and how they couldn’t believe it was Tuesday. I was just sitting there like “Uh, yeah. I sure know as heck it’s Tuesday!” At least you get me; we’re […]

  • Calling All Guys: Scrub Tips Just For You

    Guys – this one is for you. I know what you’re thinking, “Fashion tips for men? I’ll pass.” But hey, potato sacks should not be worn by anyone – and that includes scrub wearers of the male gender. So if you’re still reading, just read on. You’ll be happy you did. Promise. Some guys wear scrubs and some guys well, rock scrubs. I have seen both and rocking scrubs undoubtedly gets the most favorable […]

  • The Bachelor Roundup: Clare Crawley Vs. Tenley Molzahn

    With all The Bachelor talk going on, I just couldn’t resist. While Tenley Molzahn didn’t leave with half as much drama as Clare Crawley did, they were both runner-up, if you will. Tenley was last to be eliminated by pilot Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor 2010 and it happened without much controversy. Yeah, it was heart-breaking but still bearable. Clare Crawley on the other hand, had quite the blow-up when Juan Pablo (aka Mr. […]

  • Indistinguishably Identical: Katie Lowes & Scrubs

    The TV show Scandal and the word suspense are synonymous. The political thriller just keeps getting more sinister and even steamier. Katie Lowes joined the phenomenal cast in Season 2 and spiced things up a whole lot! In October of this year, Katie Lowes showed at Variety’s 5th Annual Power of Women party in Beverly Hills to support the charity the organization does. She wore a white textured dress, which actually looked exceptional on her! […]

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