• That Time of Year Again! New Scrubs for the Seasons

    We know it. You’re feeling bla and over your old scrubs. They’ve been washed and worn countlessly, they already look kind of drab on your face, and you’re even bored of wearing the same colors. (Yeah, we’re cool like that, we know what you’re thinking.) It’s a brand new season of sun and gaiety and we all want to feel that change! It’s the classic time to freshen up. Spring cleaning your scrubs is […]

  • Bold and Beautiful: Mindy Kaling

    Just looking at a picture of Mindy Kaling makes me laugh. Absolutely love her sense of humor! Her sense of style is also stupendous. Seriously. There are blogs about her outfits. Ok, I consider that cool. Mindy Kaling is bold. It’s not like she’s a size 0. And she flaunts it! She wears her clothes with pride and sexiness. Actress Mindy is constantly making an unspoken statement that thin isn’t the only beautiful. Along […]

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