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Keen on Keyholes: Jennette McCurdy

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Dickies Everyday Scrubs | 0 comments



She may be at the Kid’s Choice Awards, but in that midnight blue, curve hugging,  AX Paris cocktail dress, Jennette McCurdy is no longer a kid! Just look at her, all grown up! Best known for her role as Sam Puckett on the hit Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly, and the spinoff series, Sam and Cat, Jennette is an all around talent; actress, singer, song writer, beauty (is that even a talent? Or just a lucky gift?) Either way, teens and tweens around the country absolutely adore her. And in that dress- my god, that dress!- fashionistas the world over are swooning as well. Don’t you just get all teary eyed watching young actresses blossom into strong young women? Don’t worry, I won’t go all sentimental on you- Promise!

Before I get carried away, could we please take a step back. We have to talk about that keyhole! Um, hi, does anything say, “I’m mature and all grown up,” like a plunging keyhole. What I love about the whole look, though, is that it’s ELEGANT and UNDERSTATED. The color of the dress complements her fair skin beautifully and the keyhole doesn’t beg for attention, (THAT kind of attention, not the positive attention she’s garnering from us!). Plus, her hair and makeup are sleek and minimal, letting that keyhole take center stage! That’s extra points for you, Jennette! I think I’ll be dreaming keyholes tonight. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Now it’s your turn. Want the same incredible look that Jennette rocks so effortlessly? (I know, I know, I may just have a teeny-weeny girl crush going on!) Dickies Everyday Scrubs was kind enough to steal Jennette’s look and now it has a medical scrubs copy cat in the 82708 keyhole neckline scrub top. Plus, I have a little secret- I know what the rest of the picture looks like. Jennette paired her UH-MAZING dress with a soft coral colored clutch and bright pink pumps. You know what this means? Match your 82708 scrub top with bright pants like the EDS Signature 85100 in hot pink and you’ll practically be Jennette’s twin. I’ll bet everyone wishes they were a nurse now!


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