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Well, folks, now that Santa’s returned to the frosty North Pole, it’s time to get a move on those New Year’s Resolutions. No-no-no, that wasn’t code for roll your eyes and sigh. Sure, New Year’s Resolutions have a pretty high failure rate. In fact, January tends to go something like this: First week of January- gym memberships swell and diet books fly off the shelves. Second week of January- Ben and Jerry’s does really well as hordes of resolution-ers staring disappointment in the face try and eat away their incompetence at sticking to a New Year’s resolution for more than 7 days! That wasn’t a scare tactic, BTW. I’m all for New Year’s Resolutions; it’s just got to be the right kind. Dieting, fitness and the likes tend to fail, because other than the good intention, there is nothing motivating the change. This year, I’ll be taking a different approach. My list consists of perfectly attainable goals (seriously!) that are simple, yet promise a MAJOR return on investment, providing you put in the effort. Curious, huh? Check out MY list below. And yes, I give you full permission to claim it as your own:)


Dale Carnegie once said, ‘the expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.’ In other words, SMILE. Often. It’s the simplest of gestures and yet has the power to calm fears, improve moods, encourage new relationships, and change lives. Smiles are infectious. You smile, and the world smiles with you. As a nurse, especially, it’s important to smile as much as possible. You may never know which patients credit their recovery to YOUR beautiful smile!

It may seem like an oxymoron, but in helping others you are actually doing yourself the bigger favor. To prove my point, studies suggest that giving of yourself boosts your self-esteem, solidifies your relationships, leads to an inner peace and a sense of belonging, and makes you feel grateful among many other things. Skeptical, much? I dare you to give it a try. And as a nurse there are plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand. Your coworkers are in for a treat come January 1st;)


Thank you, gracias, merci, grazie… Say it however you want; just be sure to always thank others. Now, you’re a member of that scrub wearing, stethoscope carrying team, aren’t you? And you’re aware of the fact that the nursing profession has been dubbed one of the most thankless jobs in society?? Right?! Yeah, I thought so. In that case, you get it, and you don’t need me to bluster on about the need to thank everyone and anyone who deserves your thanks. Bottom line is, NEVER underestimate the power of looking someone in the eye and saying the words, Thank You!


We live in a super-fast paced world that never disconnects. There’s always something bigger and better around the corner; something that promises to be IT. IT being that form of happiness that’s been alluding you. Newsflash, ladies: Happiness comes from within. And until we all take a step back, indulge in a little virtue called patience, and live in the moment, for the moment, we won’t attain true happiness. This may seem a little tough; however, if you can choose a specific time of day to deliberately slow down, disconnect, and listen to your surroundings, I can practically guarantee you a fabulous 2017!


Noone likes a Negative Nancy. Seriously, no one! Try and always be that glass half-full kind of gal; put on rose colored glasses, if you will. When in a room full of people, positive energy will always steal the spotlight. Once again, this is not always so simple, but if you train yourself to find at least one positive in every scenario, it’ll eventually become second nature. Fun tip: Do this with your patients. It’s bound to boost their morale.

Well, there you have it. I’m not going on any crazy diets come January 1st, I’m just keeping it real and simple. Back to the basics, for all practical purposes. And I’m proud of it! Let’s compare notes this time next year, shall we?? Happy New Year’s!!

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