• Fashion Scrubs At Their Best: Cherokee Form Scrubs

    Although Cherokee Form scrubs have been around since 2019, these nursing scrubs are worth talking about, even two years later! Chic, trendy and oh, so stylish, Cherokee Form scrubs are luxury scrubs that belong in every fashion conscious health professional’s closet. Although you may be mandated to wear a scrub uniform on the job, there is no reason why the doctor, nurse, or any medical worker for that matter can’t show off their sense […]

  • Compression Socks: 5 Reasons Why Nurses Should Wear Them

    We all know that nurses spend a great deal of time on their feet which can translate into swollen legs and painful varicose veins. Running from patient to patient, with no time to sit during those busy shifts can be really hard on those tired legs. The great news is that there is something you can do to avoid these uncomfortable symptoms altogether! What is the magical answer? Compression socks. Here are five ways […]

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