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A Covid Thanksgiving

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Holiday Cheer, Nurse Reads | 0 comments


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It’s Thanksgiving. It’s also 2020. And yet the circumstances surrounding the year we’ve all gone through, in no way cancel out the fact that we still must be thankful. In fact, I believe that this year, more than any other year in the collective memory of the human race, lends itself to an attitude of gratitude. Why?? Because we’ve all been through hell and back in our own respective lives. Some of us have lost loved ones to the coronavirus, some of us suffer or know others who are suffering from the devastating after effects of Covid, some of us have dealt with crushing loneliness and anxiety, some of us had our livelihoods wiped out, and ALL of us have had our lives upended in some way or another. And it’s precisely in the moments when it seems like all is lost that we’re forced to take a hard look at everything around us and recognize the good that exists amid the evil.

And so here goes…

I’m grateful for those who are healthy and for those who contracted the virus and recovered.

I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses who continue to stand on the front lines and wage war with this monster virus while the rest of the population takes shelter. You are our heroes; heroes in PPE!!

I’m grateful for technology like Zoom and other web chatting services. We may all be isolated to an extent, but with the advent of technology we’re able to stay in touch emotionally.

I’m grateful for all the teachers who stood up to the challenge of remote learning and did a remarkable job of keeping our students up to par. And to all those teachers who still haven’t returned to the classroom; kudos to you!

I’m grateful for online shopping and for all those who work tirelessly to package my orders and get them to me as sterile and as quickly as possible.

I’m grateful for all the cashiers and shelf stockers at my local stores who make it possible for me to shop.

I’m grateful for the great outdoors! When there was nowhere to go, there was always fresh air and the opportunity for a walk around the neighborhood.

And I’m grateful for the promise of tomorrow. As the days progress and more vaccine trials round the final corners, thanks to mankind’s incredible advances in science, I’m hopeful that this year will soon be but a bad memory…

Happy Thanksgiving, make sure to count your blessings and cheers to a better, brighter future!!


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