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Beyonce: A Goddess in Lace

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Celeb Inspired Threads | 0 comments

Grammys beyonce laceLet’s play a little guessing game, folks. Who was up for 6 Grammy awards this year, took home a grand total of 3, performed on stage, and looked the part of a pure fashion goddess at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards? Why, Beyonce, of course! Duh! It may not be WCW but I’m dubbing this Friday #FemaleCrushFriday; simply because I L-O-V-E her and everything she wears and does….yeah, you get the point.

So she took home the award for best R&B performance and R&B song for ‘Drunk in Love,’ and best surround sound album for ‘Beyonce.’ That’s not what I’m interested in chatting about, though. Huh? Yup! What I want to talk about, is her custom Proenza Schouler masterpiece. Actually, ‘want’ is too weak of a word. I neeeeed to talk about this dress. First of all, that plunging neckline- all the rage on this year’s red carpet, so spot on Queen Bey. Secondly, the fitted bodice with those long sleeves and those lacy cutouts, are nothing short of Perfection with a capital ‘P.’ My god! Beyonce literally looked the part of a true winner before actually winning a thing! Oooh, and I gotta say, those emerald jewels she’s sporting- I’m talking that ring on her left hand, and those earrings (which unfortunately, you cannot see in this photo, but trust me are there!)- really elevate the whole look by adding just the right pop of color.

I know- you’re thinking there’s no way in the world I found a scrub top to match this stunner of a dress. Guess what, though?? I have! And I couldn’t be more excited to tell you nurses out there all about it. It’s the Cherokee Workwear Long Sleeve Knit Tee. It comes in black, it’s long sleeved, and it’s got that lacy look just like Beyonce’s dress. Go on, have a look at it! See, told ya it’s a great match. It’s a basic black, which means it pairs beautifully with any scrub pants. And if you really want to take this whole copy-cat thing to the next level, pair it with some emerald jewels. A ring, earrings; whatever makes you happy:) Look, you may not be able to be Beyonce, but you can definitely have her look. Go for it!


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