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Cherokee Infinity Scrubs: An Old Favorite

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Cherokee Infinity Scrubs may not be the latest line from Cherokee Scrubs, but it is the greatest. Who hasn’t heard of this exclusive, elite collection of nursing uniforms for fashion-savvy medical professionals?

Being that these scrubs are so fabulous, we’ve picked them out for some time in the limelight, where you’ll get to discover all that these nursing scrubs have to offer!

Luxurious Feel

Being that most nurses spend more hours in scrubs than they do in any other wear, comfort is a priority in purchasing scrubs. Perhaps that’s the foremost reason for Cherokee Infinity’s unrivaled popularity; Cherokee Infinity scrubs indulge you in a luxe fabric that keeps you ever so comfortable each second you wear them. 

These scrubs are not only soft to the touch; they’re comprised of a 4-way stretch fabric that provides you with the ultimate in freedom of movement.

New Styles

Are you fashion conscious? Do you enjoy looking awesome, and you’re worried that since Cherokee Infinity is not the latest, it’s not your standard of style? Well, actually, Cherokee Infinity may have been rolled out a while ago, but new scrub uniforms are always being added to the collection. There are many modern, athletic style scrubs that fit fabulously, and are totally contemporary. 

Practical Functions

These scrubs are wrinkle-free; no ironing, ever, since you have more important things to do with your time. They’ll also keep you free of any lingering odors. 

Cherokee Infinity scrubs are also anti-microbial! They’ll keep you safe and secure. A hospital is not always the most germ-free place, but your scrubs can be, when imbued with this innovative Certainty technology.

All these features combine to create a strong, durable scrub that is sure to last longer than most. 

Scrubs in the Collection

Choose from Cherokee Infinity scrub pants, tops, underscrubs, and more. 

Cherokee Infinity Scrub Pants

There are scrub pants in lots of colors, styles and sizes. Choose from Cherokee Infinity joggers, cargo pants, and other styles. Here are some pics of the latest nursing bottoms from Cherokee Infinity!











Cherokee Infinity Scrub Tops

Whether its a Cherokee Infinity mock wrap top, a print scrub top, or a sharp solid scrub top that you like best, find your favorite at Medical Scrubs Collection. Here are our customers’ favorites!



Check out all the other Cherokee Infinity Scrubs – for men and for women – at Medical Scrubs Collection!


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