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Color Coding Conundrums

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Nurse Reads | 0 comments

color coded scrubs

If you ask me, color coding scrubs is an awesome idea. That’s because I have a terrible time remembering faces, and I hate having to stare at a perfect stranger’s chest to figure out what she does; it’s so awkward! If she’d just have a color coded uniform, I’d know what her position is in a split second.
But, at the same time, I totally get how horrible it is to have to wear the exact same color scrubs every day you go to work. Blah. Boring.
As one nurse puts it, “I don’t like being told what to wear. Our hospital said that the patients wanted to be able to tell which person who entered his room was his nurse, but even with a guide to the color coding posted prominently on the wall and given to each patient and family member, they still don’t know what color scrubs the nurse wears!”
Another nurse agrees, but has more to say: “I really don’t like the idea of being told what I have to wear like a child. But worse to me is that they mandate your uniform but do not help you pay for it.”
Truthfully, though, the police department doesn’t pay fully for police uniforms, and neither do airlines pay for stewardess uniforms. So, yes, I agree it would be fabulous if hospitals would pay for scrubs, but it just isn’t usually done.
Aside from some fabulous hospitals that do provide scrubs or nursing uniform allowances yearly, that is. Isn’t that awesome? Sounds like they care a little more about their nurses than your typical medical facility! Because, sadly, most places don’t give free scrubs.
So, the problems with color coding? It prevents individuality, and doesn’t allow your fashion sense to shine through to its fullest.
The benefits? It makes it easy to find a nurse – any nurse – when you need one. With color coding, patients and staff can identify people at a single glance, and easily find an RN without subtly analyzing name tags.
And, fashion savvy nurses, as long as you are allowed to choose your own scrub tops, and bottoms, too, you can dress to impress – it is possible to find a nurse uniform top that fits you right and looks awesomely trendy! Want proof? Here it is!
Cheers for color coding! It makes being in the hospital so much less confusing, for patients, family & staff alike!


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