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DIY Costume Ideas

by | Oct 27, 2014 | Holiday Cheer | 0 comments

There’s no denying that fall has made its blustery entrance. After all, cold mornings, knee high boots, and big, cozy sweaters have become the everyday  norm. Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes of course! Gotta get into the Halloween spirit, don’t we? Hot beverages aside, the true raison d’etre this month, is costumes. And no, it’s not about shelling out top dollar for Frozen’s Elsa costume, (which FYI is 2014’s most popular costume pick)! Nope, it’s about how creative your own two hands get with your getup. If you want to stand out, you need to DIY. Don’t start stressing, though; we’ve got a slew of ideas for you and everyone in your family that won’t break the bank.


Nothing creeps me out like the sight of a bat in the dead of the night. Hint, hint; that means it would make a fabulous Halloween costume! How to make it unique, though; and how to do it yourself…Simple! You know that black umbrella sitting in your front closet that was utterly destroyed in the last rain storm? Well, bring it out! You’ll need to unscrew the stem of the umbrella till you’re left with just the top, and then cut the top part in half in order to use as bat wings. Sew onto the sleeves of a black sweatshirt, use any sort of black material and wire to create stand up ears, and in no time you’ll be transformed into the most realistic bat your friends have ever met. Here’s a great idea: Dress the whole family as bats. It’ll up the scary factor ten-fold.


A funny looking animal in real life, perhaps; but a perfectly adorable costume for your little ones. And even big ones. All you need is a comfy, brown sweat suit and a big pair of neutral colored gloves. Stuff those gloves with cotton balls, sew them onto the hood of the sweatshirt and just like that you get yourself the cutest, little moose in the history of all moose!

Stunning Work of Art:

This one’s real easy; trust me! We all like to think of ourselves as fabulous works of art, so why not actually become one. All you need is some non-toxic paint, old clothes, and a giant picture frame. See where I’m going with this? Alright, alright I’ll spell it out! Dress up as your favorite painting character; Mona Lisa, Girl With A Pearl Earring, or if you feel like doing this with a partner, go for American Gothic. You can also just be yourself! Bring on the paint, and walk the streets with the frame positioned just so.

A Popcorn Vendor:

This one’s for Mom and Baby or Dad and Baby. All you need is a white shirt and red bow tie. All baby needs is a baby carrier and a little white hat. Wrap carrier in white felt decorated with cut out strips of red felt or you can even draw on the red stripes if you’d like. Next? You’ll need to pop a bag of popcorn. Here’s the fun part; glue a handful of popcorn pieces to baby’s hat, and voila, your little munchkin is now an edible (just sayin’) bag of buttery popcorn!

For the Pooch:

Design a cute Super-Pup logo and transfer it to a piece of material you can use as a puppy cape. Or dress puppy in a green sweater and attach some brightly colored cut-out petals to its dog collar for an adorable pet flower costume!

For the Nurse Wannabe:

Know a little guy or gal that’s dying to dress up as a medical professional this Halloween? Yup, thought so! Which is why we carry the Cherokee Tooniforms kid’s scrub set. Is Hello Kitty your little one’s thing? Maybe Elmo? Or how about Mighty Thor? We carry all these prints and more for some super-realistic, dress-up fun! To truly make your aspiring medical professional’s day, invest in a toy medical kit. Trust me, it’s well worth it!

And just because she’s so popular…

You’re right, I did mention her; which is why I’m going to give you a DIY version. We’re talking about Elsa BTW. Scour your closet till you find something blue and shimmery. Prom dress, anyone? Now head on over to your local fabric store till you find the material for that perfect frosted cape. Finish your look off with Elsa’s signature messy braid and her glamorous makeup. There you have it; you’re officially a princess!

There’s not that much time left till Halloween, so I suggest you crack out your costume making supplies and get busy. What was that? What will I be? Oh, that’ s a surprise; you’ll just have to wait and see:)


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