Dressed in White

white scrub dresses

It’s funny; I love the full-fledged fashion in scrubs available to nurses today, but at the same time, a little part of me still likes the look of the old time nursing uniform, with its crisp, professional look.

Although the days when all nurses wear white are long gone, some stalwart nurses still stick to the old class look.

Take Leona Campbell, for example. Throughout the decades that she was a nurse, she stuck to wearing white, and white scrubs only. I admit it sounds kind of old fashioned, and I’d never have the guts to do that, but it can look cool (I’m serious! If you don’t believe me, when you see our chic scrub dresses, you will!), and some patients actually like it.

“Patients respected that, and they relate their illnesses to (me) more. It’s upgrading my care,” Ms. Campbell affirms. “It’s an important feeling (when I put my white nurse uniform on), and I know I’m going to do my job better. I feel proud.”

Another nurse says, “We wear all white at my facility. It does look nice, and the older folks always know that I’m a nurse. The older patients had smiles on their faces, and some said, ‘Now there’s a nurse!’”

Reese, an experienced RN, tells the following: “There was a nurse on the IV team where I worked who wore her scrub cap, white scrub dress, white stockings, and white Clinic shoes. I have to tell you, her appearance commanded respect. The patients loved seeing her in her whites. She always looked very crisp, clean, and professional.”

So, it seems that some people still go for the classic white look.

Are you interested in seeing what’s available in white scrub dresses today? You’ll be amazed; we’ve got such chic scrub dresses! Fabulously feminine, they’re definitely not old fashioned, but they’ve got that old-time class.

With these scrubs, you’re getting that classic professional look, while staying trendy as ever!

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