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Gone Gifting

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If you’re a responsible human being who takes care of holiday gifts well before the holidays set in, please skip this piece and move on with your life. If, on the other hand, you’re as irresponsible as someone I may or may not know (please stop guessing; it’s rude!) then read on!! SO- as you’ve surmised, the holidays are upon us- like really, really, REALLY upon us. And as I’ve surmised, there are still some nurses in your life, be them family, friends, or co-workers who still need gifts. AHHHHH!! Quit yelling; I’ve got you covered. Listed below are the perfect holiday gifts for any nurse. They’re practical, affordable, and best of all, each of these items can be found on our website today! Win-win!!

1. Compression Socks

Nurses work 12-hour shifts. More often than not, those 12 hour shifts turn into 12+ hour shifts. To make matters worse, nurses are on their feet for the majority of that time. Which is why, the best gift you can give those poor, tired feet is a great pair of compression socks. My personal favorites are the Carhartt Camo socks. They’re durable, moisture wicking, odor fighting, offer fantastic arch support, and hellooooo, they’re camo! What better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a pop of cool camo!! You even get a choice of four fabulous colors. How fun??

2. Tote Bag

Ever noticed how many ‘things’ nurses have. Pens, pens, more pens… In all seriousness, though, nurses do tend to show up to work with all sorts of knick-knacks. Which they do actually use and need, might I add. So what greater gift idea than an adorable tote bag?? Wonderwink makes this incredible WonderVision Canvas Tote Bag, which aside for the to-die-for print, boasts a rather large zippered main compartment, as well as 11 (yes, you read that right!) internal compartments so that all your medical equipment and accessories stay safe and organized. There are an additional 2 external compartments for easy access to those things you constantly use, and best of all, the playful print will match literally any scrub set you’ve got hanging(?) in your closet!

3. Stethoscope

I say stethoscope, you say Littmann. Obviously. And which nurse wouldn’t want a Littmann to add to her stethoscope collection. The thing is, there are soooo many different types. If you want a basic, high quality, high performance stethoscope that’s great for physical assessments and routine diagnostics, then the Classic II S.E. is your best bet. It’s got a tunable diaphragm, super reliable acoustics, and is available in a host of colors and chest piece finishes. Sure you can get all fancy and go super high end with the stethoscope, but that’s for you, the gift giver, to decide:)

4. Scrub Jacket

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many medical facilities can get quite cold. Take my word for it! Buuuut, you can use this to your gifting advantage, and select one of the many fabulous scrub jackets available for purchase. In particular, the Barco One shirred zip jacket in Origami is to die for. Literally!! It features a modern black and white print, a high neck, princess seaming, and all sorts of useful pockets. You definitely want to get your hands on this piece.

5. Gift Card

When all else fails, there’s always that trusty gift card to fall back on. You pay for the card, that special someone chooses the gift, and all is well with the world. No agonizing over what to buy, no awkward thank you’s, no hassle of returning/exchanging… It’s all blissful gifting!

That’s all for now, folks. Happy shopping! And happy holidays!


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