Heart Art

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Sappy love tracks have officially made their seasonal debut, along with red roses which just about blur your vision, and the heady scent of chocolate which wafts through practically every store. For the hopelessly romantic, these signs point to one day, and one day only- Valentine’s Day! And for all you nurses cringing on the inside and trying desperately to bid the red circle around the 14th of February away, it’s too bad. Valentine’s Day is coming at us faster than you think, and lucky for you I’ve got the perfect way to get you all  into the holiday spirit! It’s Incoco’s Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day inspired nail polish strips!

Stop muttering under your breath and hear me out! These Incoco nail polish strips are just that- flexible strips of colored nail polish which you stick onto  your nails. No need to brave the cold and fight traffic to reach the nearest nail salon, because it can all be done from the comfort of your own home while you lounge around in your coziest pair of sweats and watch your favorite show. Best of all…there’s absolutely NO drying time! And at $8.99 for 16 pieces you won’t break the bank either! But here’s the fun part- it comes in an incredible, floating, red heart print over a swoon worthy, shimmering, white base, all in honor of Valentine’s Day! For an amazingly simple how-to tutorial just visit the Incoco website. See, I told you it was worth it to listen to me! Besides, you’re a nurse. Wearing things with hearts should be looked at as part of the territory!

If I’ve managed to inspire you to embrace Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth, then keep on reading. If not, keep reading anyway, and hopefully by the end of all this you’ll have had a change of heart. (Yup, there it is again…heart!) A statement manicure needs a bold pair of scrubs to go along with it. And on Valentine’s Day, it can’t just be any pair of scrubs, it has got to come from the much anticipated HeartSoul collection, available for purchase from Medical Scrubs Collection on Valentine’s Day itself. Each piece in the HeartSoul scrubs collection is a unique masterpiece, but I would suggest the romance mock wrap top in a daring royal. It features an adorable keyhole mock wrap style, has a delicate gold heart shaped charm, and would bring out your Incoco manicure beautifully, leaving your colleagues begging to know how you managed to pull off the Valentine’s Day look without compromising your dignity! I dare you to tell me you’re not excited for Valentine’s Day now!


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