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Hannah Brown

You’re up to New Year’s, but I’d like to reflect on Christmas. Not so much because I’m feeling nostalgic already, but rather for the sake of a great fashion moment;)

Perhaps one of the highlights of December in the entertainment/music world, is the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball. I mean, it’s all epic music, high profile celebrities, and holiday vibes. Count me in; right?! And guess who made an appearance this year?? Hannah Brown! She came to play, but first she slaaaayed!!! It’s a rather interesting phenomenon, in my humble opinion. She grew up a regular gal down in Alabama, had a stint in Season 23 of The Bachelor where she placed in the top 7, was offered the title of The Bachelorette in Season 15 and BAM!! She’s now a household name, competed in and WON Dancing with the Stars, and has become a red-carpet mainstay. Not bad for a girl who was just looking to find love!!

All that aside, I am definitely a Hannah Brown fan. Yup! I love her spunk, her vivaciousness and her tenacity. Plus, she’s gorgeous and has a killer sense of style. Which is no wonder then that she stunned at the Jingle Ball this year in a body hugging, glitter, ribbed mini dress by Herve Leger. It was a magnificent shade of blue that perfectly complemented her gorgeous eyes and I love that it was a thought out, yet not overtly so, look. The sleek, flattering, sexy aspect of her get up, helped her stand out from the pack, while the high neck and long sleeves toned it down and lent to the whole winter holiday atmosphere. A pair of black Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals offered great contrast to the covered-up top portion of the dress, and for makeup, Hannah opted for a blue smokey eye, heavy brows, and glossy lip. And then to round out the entire ensemble she had her hair pulled back in a high pony with just a few wisps strategically pulled out in front in order to soften the whole look. Hannah, you did me proud. A+!

Alright, ladies. You’ve got two choices. You can either cough up $990 (I kid you not!) for the exact same dress Hannah wore, OR I find you an ‘inspired-by’ piece, which you know I already did, because, well… that’s the point of this whole series. And of course, it’s work appropriate! So yay!! Between me and you, it’s always cold in the winter wherever you work. No? Which is why, a great underscrub tee is a must! And Wonderwinks has got you covered! Both physically and literally:) They make a soft, silky underscrub tee that is both beautiful and incredibly comfortable and it comes in so many different striped color combinations. I opted to feature the Navy/Malibu Blue because it has the same look as Hannah’s ribbed dress. The stripes are horizontal and the top will pair perfectly with any navy scrub top and bottom. Fashionable and warm. Not too shabby; huh??


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